Where to find the Red9 Stock - Resident Evil 4

The Red9's stock increases your precision with the weapon, but you'll have to wheel and deal with the merchant to obtain it.


Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake brings back all of the weapons from the 2005 original plus their attachments. The Red9 is the game's most powerful handgun (outside of magnum-class firearms), but you need to know where to find the Red9 stock to increase the weapon's accuracy.

Where to find the Red9

The Red9 and its optional stock attachment are not sold separately. In fact, they're not sold at all! Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake moved both items from the merchant's store to other areas of the game. The Red9 awaits you early in chapter 4; follow this guide to track it down. Keep reading if you're looking for the weapon's stock attachment.

Where to find the Red9 Stock

The Red9 stock is not hidden in a chest or barrel, nor does the merchant offer it for sale. Instead, it's a treasure available through the merchant's Trade menu. Once you reach chapter 7, the merchant will expand his wares in the Trade and Buy menus. Visit him, open the Trade screen, and you'll see the Red9 stock available for nine spinels.

The Red9's stock increases the weapon's accuracy.
The Red9's stock increases the weapon's accuracy.

You can trade for the Red9 stock right away if you've been saving your spinels from the blue note requests you completed in chapters one through six. If you're short, don't worry. Chapter 7 begins in a new region of the game, one filled with lots of blue note requests, including some of the game's toughest challenges that pay out more spinels.

There's no rush to acquire the Red9 stock: The merchant will offer it from chapter 7 through the end of the game, and right from the start of New Game Plus. Once you have it, attach it to the Red9 to benefit from increased accuracy with every shot.

Chapter 7 ushers you into one of the toughest regions of Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake, and one of the most awe-inspiring and rewarding. Look to the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide for puzzle solutions and walkthroughs for each of the merchant's blue note requests, including how to complete the Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 request.

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