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How to solve the sword puzzle - Resident Evil 4

Rust, iron, blood, and gold--four types of swords, one guide to a quick solve of one of the early puzzles in Resident Evil 4's Castle area.


There's plenty of fighting to do in the Castle region of Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake, but you still have puzzles to solve. One of the earliest, the sword puzzle, tasks you with matching replica swords to their accompanying knights displayed on murals along a wall. This guide will show you how to match each sword to the correct knight so you can keep plundering Ramon Salazar's castle.

Where to find the Bloodied Sword

This puzzle requires you to match four replica swords to four murals of knights. You'll come to this room after acquiring the Dungeon Key and defeating the Garrador (the, ahem, "animal" down in the dungeon). After using the Dungeon Key, you'll come to a room that takes Ashley's breath away: It's opulent bordering on garish, but Ashley's interested for a reason.

This gate prevents you from getting to the Bloodied Sword.
This gate prevents you from getting to the Bloodied Sword.

Turn to your left and take note of a golden gate. You can see a sword just beyond it, but how to open it? The answer lies in the coat of arms on the gate, depicting a stag, eagle, and snake. The objective is to light torches corresponding to those animals. The stag torch, for instance, is on your left. Shoot the gong depicting the stag, or just pull on the cord dangling from it, to light it. Notice the stag on the plate is glowing; that means it's lit.

The eagle and snake torches are on the opposite side of the gate. Shoot the gongs depicting those animals to light them, and the golden gate will open. Head through and retrieve the Bloodied Sword.

How to solve the sword puzzle

Return to the knight murals and collect the Iron, Gold, and Rusted Swords from where they're inserted. The murals are telling a story, as Ashley will point out as you get stuck. To solve the puzzle, you have to match each sword with the correct knight. Try it yourself, or follow the solution below:

One of the murals required to solve the sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4.
One of the murals required to solve the sword puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

The order is Iron Sword, Golden Sword, Bloodied Sword, and Rusted Sword. As long as you've inserted each replica sword in the correct order, the door will open, inviting you deeper into the castle.

Your first puzzle in the devilish Castle region of Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake is behind you! That's the good news. The bad (but also fun) news: Greater challenges lie ahead. Make sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide, where we'll walk you through the Castle's crucibles such as the Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 blue request note.

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