Never Heard It Coming challenge - Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4's 'Never Heard It Coming' challenge dares you to kill a Garrador using nothing but a knife. We'll (quietly) show you how to get it done.


The Garrador is one of the most terrifying enemies in Capcom's Resident Evil 4--both the 2005 original and the 2023 remake. It's blind, so it hunts by sound, and its only weakness is the exposed Las Plagas jutting from its spine. The Never Heard It Coming challenge will net you lots of completion points to spend on unlockable content; use this guide to kill the Garrador without making a peep.

Where to find the Garrador

There are a few Garradors in Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake. Technically, you could complete the "Never Heard It Coming" challenge on any of them, but the easiest is the first. After entering the castle's Audience Chamber, try going through the double doors at the far end of the room. Locked--big surprise.

Turn back the way you came and go through the door in the steel cage on your right. Shimmy through the crack in the wall and follow the path until you acquire the Dungeon Key from a corpse. As you make your way back to Ashley, the floor gives way, dumping you right in front of the imprisoned Garrador.

Resident Evil 4 plays a cutscene that gives you your first look at the intimidating monster. When the cutscene ends and returns control to you, Leon is crouching. It's the game's way of reminding you that enemies cannot hear you if you move while crouching.

The first thing to do is put some distance between yourself and the Garrador; he'll be free soon, and you'll want to be far away when it happens. Follow the tight passage from his chamber into a torture area with wooden partitions, manacles dangling from the ceiling, and ornate vases along the walls. Soon after you enter, the Garrador will emerge and listen for you to make a mistake.

'Never Saw It Coming' is one of the most satisfying challenges to conquer in Resident Evil 4.
'Never Saw It Coming' is one of the most satisfying challenges to conquer in Resident Evil 4.

Breaking the walls or vases, or bumping into the manacles, makes noise and brings the Garrador down on you. To survive, you'll need to stealth-walk around the Garrador and approach him from behind. When you're close, the knife prompt will appear; press the corresponding button or key to stab the exposed Las Plagas in the creature's back.

There's a rhythm to this challenge. Start by creeping up behind the boss and stabbing it once. The Garrador will stagger forward and then swing for what caused it pain. Resist the temptation to run to safety; instead, stay crouched and creep a safe distance away. The manacles dangling from the ceiling will give you the most trouble. Pan the camera around Leon to watch for them.

If the Garrador gets too close, shoot one of the vases to break it. The Garrador will charge toward the sound of breaking pottery. Ease up behind it and stab it in the back.

After stabbing the monster approximately half a dozen times, it will succumb to its injuries. You're free to make your way to the gate and turn the crank to open it. Make sure to loot the room before you leave--you won't be coming back.

You may be surprised (or delighted, you sicko, you) to learn that the Garrador is hardly the biggest challenge you'll face in Resident Evil 4 remake's Castle. Should you get stuck, use the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide to find more walkthroughs such as how to conquer the "A Merciless Knight" request.

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