Where to find the Church Insignia - Resident Evil 4

Before Leon can enter the church and save the president's daughter, he needs to find the Church Insignia. Let our guide show you the way.


Leon Kennedy's goal in Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake is to find and rescue Ashley Graham, daughter to the U.S. president. She's being held captive in a church located in the Village region, but before you can worship with the rest of the zombies, you need to retrieve the Church Insignia from a network of caves nearby. Our guide will walk you through the puzzles you'll have to solve along the way.

Locating the Church Insignia

The altar holding Resident Evil 4's Church Insignia.
The altar holding Resident Evil 4's Church Insignia.

Finding the Church Insignia is your goal in the first half of Resident Evil 4 remake's fourth chapter. It's also the most complex mission objective you've undertaken so far, comprising several steps and two tricky puzzles.

You begin chapter 4 in the Boat House. After Leon fills his handler in on the mission's progress, make your way along the path through the dark, rainy forest. Watch out for the Ganadas you'll encounter along the way. They sprout Las Plagas from their necks, dealing (and taking) more damage than the run-of-the-mill "zombies" you've fought up to this point.

The path leads you into the Mural Cave. After entering, you'll spot the Church Insignia just ahead, held in place by a set of stone hands. There are two altars to either side of the Church Insignia; you'll need to find and place two objects, the Blasphemer's Head and the Apostate's Head, on them before the hands will release the crest from their stony grip.

Where to find the Apostate's Head

The Blasphemer's Head is closest to the Mural Cave, your current location, but it's also heavily guarded. Leave the altar and head toward the nearby dock; to find it, open your map and look for the boat icon. Hop aboard and sail southwest toward the Large Cave Shrine. You must make your way along a path guarded by Ganado, several of which will sprout Las Plagas as you battle them. Climb the ladder shown on your map and make your way to the Stone Dais.

Use the image below for reference: The green path shows the way to the Stone Dais, while the red trail is the route you should take back to your boat. Several Ganado will give chase after you've looted the shrine, so you'll want to know the way out ahead of time.

The route through Resident Evil 4's Large Cave Shrine.
The best route through Resident Evil 4's Large Cave Shrine.

As you fought your way to the Dais, you may have noticed strange symbols painted in yellow on stalactites and stalagmites. Three of these symbols are the key to opening the gate behind which the Apostate's Head awaits. Interact with the Stone Dais and you'll be shown a clock-style interface with eight buttons. Each button is decorated with a symbol, and three of those symbols are identical to the ones painted on the stone nearby. Press the correct buttons in any order--or reference the solution below--to open the gate and claim the Apostate's Head.

Solution to open the gate leading to the Apostate's Head.
Solution to open the gate leading to the Apostate's Head.

Where to find the Blasphemer's Head

One head down, one to go. It's on an island to the northeast, so you'll have to sail there. You can get back to your boat by retracing your steps, or following the path to the opposite side of the locked metal gate near the dock. Either way, several Ganado give chase. Just ignore them and make a run for your boat.

Sail to the Small Cave Shrine in the northeast. It's much smaller, and there are no Ganado here. Approach the Small Cave Shrine and interact with it. You'll be greeted by the same clock-like interface replete with symbol-adorned buttons. Once again, feel free to investigate the area to determine the three correct symbols yourself, or refer to the solution below. (Once you're inside the room containing the Blasphemer's Head, don't leave before grabbing the Hexagon Piece C from the box to your right as you enter.)

Solution to the gate that leads to the Blasphemer's Head.
Solution to the gate that leads to the Blasphemer's Head.

Get the Church Insignia

Now you're getting ahead! Two, in fact. Hop into your ride and sail back to the dock closest to the Mural Shrine. Approach the Church Insignia altar and interact with the stone columns to place the heads. The hands will relinquish their hold on the Church Insignia.

With the Church Insignia in your possession, return to your boat and sail for the dock where you found the first boat in chapter 3. Take care of any business with the merchant, then save your game. The route back to the church runs through the Quarry, where one very large, very angry obstacle must be overcome.

Congratulations on solving Resident Evil 4 remake's longest multi-step puzzle so far! More headscratchers and boss fights await, so hit up the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide for more tips and walkthroughs such as where to find the Hexagon Pieces and (if you missed it in the caves) where to find the Old Wayshrine Key.

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