Where to find the Halo Wheel - Resident Evil 4

The Water Hall was one of the most difficult rooms in the original Resident Evil 4, and the remake's addition of the Halo Wheel adds another complication. Follow our guide to find the wheel.


If you played Capcom's Resident Evil 4 in 2005, you likely remember the painful experience of clearing the Water Hall of the mobs of monks hungry for your blood. There's an extra step in the Resident Evil 4 remake: You'll need to find an item, the Halo Wheel, to raise sets of stairs to advance through the Hall. This guide will lead you to the Halo Wheel so you can proceed through the hall with minimum damage to your health and ammo stores.

Where to find the Halo Wheel

The Halo Wheel is on the lower level of the Water Hall. You can rush to the back of the floor where you enter and jump down if you want, but you'll have monk snipers and foot soldiers on your tail. Instead, take your time clearing the room of enemies; you'll need to bring the Halo Wheel back to the entrance anyway, so the fewer enemies you have hounding you, the better.

When the enemies stop "flooding" in (that's a Water Hall joke), move deeper into the room toward the back. You'll be able to jump down to the lower level, where more monks await. Defeat them and head to the back of the room where you'll find a statue of an angel holding the Halo Wheel.

This angel was kind enough to hold the Halo Wheel for you.
This angel was kind enough to hold the Halo Wheel for you.
The Halo Wheel's location on the map.
The Halo Wheel's location on the map.

Claim the Halo Wheel and use it on the pedestal near a raised set of stairs. To use the item, first insert the wheel, then hold the use button to turn it. The stairs will lower, giving you access to the level from which you came. You may remember a Halo Wheel pedestal near the entrance. Go to that pedestal, insert the wheel, and turn it until more stairs appear.

This is the highest level of the Water Hall that Leon can access, and also the final challenge. Up ahead, you'll find a Halo Wheel already in place in a pedestal. Crank it to make a platform rise up from the water leading to the exit on the far end of the room. There are two more, and only Ashley can raise them by turning the Halo Wheels on walkways around the room.

Turn around from the Halo Wheel pedestal and take note of the low walls on either side of the room. If you approach the one on your right, you'll be able to boost Ashley to the walkways. This will trigger an onslaught of monks--some coming for her, others attacking you. Make sure you're ready for battle before lifting Ashley up to the platforms.

Either of the game's rifles (bolt action or semi auto) is your best friend for protecting Ashley. Use shotguns or the TMP to deal with the enemies coming at you from your level.

You survived the Water Hall!
You survived the Water Hall!

After raising one platform, Ashley will race along the walkway to the second Halo Wheel pedestal. Continue defending her until she climbs down of her own accord. Some monks may pursue her, but you don't have to kill them. Run across the raised platforms with Ashley and exit the room.

Congratulations--you survived one of Resident Evil 4's most infamous encounters! More await, but the Shacknews Resident Evil 4 strategy guide will help you through challenges and puzzles such as the Destroy the blue Medallions requests from the merchant.

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