Evening Reading - September 25, 2020

It's night time in America, which means it is time for Shacknews Evening Reading.


Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening Shacknews, it's Friday night in America, which means your weekend has started. Big plans for your evening? It's already Saturday over here in Australia, so it's time to do something a bit different and play games. But, before that, we should spend some time together reading some articles on Shacknews and looking at some stuff from the internet. 

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Dunkey reviews Super Mario Galaxy

I've never played Super Mario Galaxy as I never owned a Wii. The recent Super Mario 3D All-Stars game seems super appealing, but I just can't handle default controls. I need that inverted camera.

DOOM on PC? Lies.

Yeah, sure thing Grandpa Craddock. Tell me more about "LANs" and "CRTs".

One Xbox, please

That sales assistant should be fired. He's trying to sell her discontinued stock. Now, where's the Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales version...

Language is a tricky business

Some good food sure can flip a mood.

Musicians are super clever

How one person can create so many sounds, and make them sound good together, is beyond me.


If you're not playing Among Us, you're not living.

If there was chat between discussions, there could be some extreme shenanigans. Might also make the game harder, though.

This Robert Pattinson image is just so damn good. It's rather versatile. 

Remember, as a ghost, you still have responsibilities!

I'd never made the connection before. Among Us has the same feeling of The Thing. Now, if the Impostors could spread... New game mode?

Hey, at least your body got discovered.

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Here's an old photo of Rad as a little kitty. He's helping me play games. Let him inspire you to be the best you can be. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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