Arcade1Up reveals Infinity Game Table, featuring Monopoly & more digital tabletop gaming

Arcade1Up's most recently announced project strays from gaming to give users a versatile tabletop experience for digital board games like Monopoly, comic books, and more.


The folks at Arcade1Up have proven to be ever more innovative as they release product after product catering to economic home arcade solutions. However, while the latest product announcement from Arcade1Up is still gaming-based, it tackles an entirely new style of entertainment for the company. The Infinity Game Table is a touchscreen game table that offers digital tabletop gaming experiences of board and card games like Hasbro’s Monopoly, as well as other applications like digital comic books, coloring books, puzzles, and more.

Arcade1Up announced the Infinity Game Table via a press release on September 25, 2020. The Infinity Game Table is slated to come in two forms: 24’ and 32’ HD Touchscreen editions with a built-in stand to hold each board up. You can even lift the board off the stand and rest it upon a surface of your choosing like a dining room table. It features a number of pre-loaded licensed games such as the aforementioned Monopoly, and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can log into an app store and download further games and applications for the Infinity Game Table, not to mention play with up to six people local or online via the table’s Social Play+ network.

The Infinity Game Table sounds like a welcome new addition to the Arcade1Up catalogue, especially in the current times when we find ourselves staying in and digital and online gaming become all the more important. It was exactly this situation which has made things like Nintendo Switch’s 51 Clubhouse Games an incredibly attractive proposal. That said, Arcade1Up’s table packs the further versatility of making for a board game table whether you use it solo or with local friends, not to mention the further downloadable applications inside and outside gaming. We’ve been in mostly in love with Arcade1Up’s products through Star Wars trilogy arcade cabinet release, the upcoming Big Buck Hunter light gun cabinet release, and the most recently announced Golden Axe arcade cabinet.

That said, Arcade1Up is looking as innovative as ever with the Infinity Game Table. Stay tuned as we await further details on launch dates, pricing, and where to buy as the information becomes available.

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