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Far Cry New Dawn returns to Hope County, but things may not be quite as players expect following the events of the previous game. Fortunately, it's not so hard coming to grips with all of the series' latest changes, especially not with Shacknews' collection of helpful game guides. Keep reading to discover all of our Far Cry New Dawn guides covering everything from beginner essentials to in-depth strategies, maps, trivia, and more.

Beginner and basic guides

Far Cry New Dawn game guides beginner starting controls

How many hours to beat Far Cry New Dawn?
Far Cry New Dawn won't demand as much of your time as other open-word Ubisoft games, but it's still a commitment. Here's how long it should take to beat the latest release.

PlayStation 4 controls and buttons
Learn the controls and button configuration for the PS4 version of Far Cry New Dawn.

Xbox One controls and buttons
Brush up on the basic controls and specific button mappings for Ubisoft's latest open-world release on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

All main story missions
Check out the complete list of main story missions.

Tips and tricks
You might be a Far Cry veteran, but there are a few things you should know before returning to Hope County.

How-to guides

Far Cry New Dawn how to game guides

How to get ethanol
Ethanol is the resource that keeps you moving forward, and there only a few ways to earn it.

How to get Circuit Boards
Find out how to get Circuit Boards, the essential crafting materials needed to make high-end weapons.

How to go fishing
Learn how to get a rod and head to the lakes to go fishing.

How to fast travel
Learn how to fast travel across Hope County and get straight to the mission start point, avoiding those dreaded long walks.

How to defeat Mickey and Lou
Defeating Mickey and Lou can be nearly impossible without the proper preparation, so let us get you set for this intense boss fight.

Collectible locations and maps

Far Cry New Dawn game guides collectibles locations maps

Treasure Hunts and puzzle solutions
Locate and solve all Treasure Hunt puzzles, discovering each of the game's prepper stash bunkers.

Music Player locations
Locate and collect the 10 Music Players to complete the Audiophile quest and add their songs to Survivor Radio.

Dear Photograph locations
Complete the quest A Thousand Words and take snapshots at all Dear Photograph locations.

Extra guides and trivia

Extra and miscellaneous Far Cry New Dawn game guides

All outpost locations
Learn the locations of every outpost in Far Cry New Dawn, liberating them for valuable hauls of ethanol.

Voice actors and cast in Far Cry New Dawn
Ubisoft tapped on a number of top talents for the voice actors and cast of Far Cry New Dawn, including both familiar and returning voice and performance capture artists.

The end of our Far Cry New Dawn guides aren't the end of the fun. Keep on top of the latest coverage with Ubisoft's latest Far Cry outing, including news, features, patch notes, and more, by heading on over to Shacknews' Far Cry New Dawn home page.

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