How to go fishing in Far Cry New Dawn

Learn how to get a rod and head to the lakes to go fishing in Far Cry New Dawn.


Players will be happy to know that you can go fishing in Far Cry New Dawn. There’s less to do with fishing than the previous game, but catching fish still provides valuable resources when you trade in your catch. However, it isn’t immediately clear how players can start fishing, so this guide will teach you how to go fishing in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to go fishing in Far Cry New Dawn

Once players are free to roam Hope County in Far Cry New Dawn, they can start working on unlocking the ability to go fishing. This is done by earning Perk points, which are awarded for completing challenges. In the early hours of the game, players will complete challenges almost constantly. However, if you must go fishing right now, open the game menu and navigate to Challenges. It’s there you’ll find a list of what you can do to earn points quickly. Once you have the necessary Perk points, navigate to the Perks tab of the game menu. Along the top row, second Perk from the right, is one called Fishing Rod. Unlock it and the Fishing Rod will be added to your weapon wheel.

The Fishing Rod in Far Cry New Dawn

The Outdoor Enthusiast Perk, on the far right of the top row, will make it easier to reel in fish when they are hooked. Consider unlocking this Perk if you plan to spend a lot of time fishing.

With the Fishing Rod added to your weapon wheel, head for a river or lake. You can equip your rod and cast your line anywhere you’d like so long as it’s water. From here, it’s just a matter of catching fish, and doing so will also award your Perk points, which you can then pump back into building your character since you neglected them while taking a quick fishing trip.

If you’re looking for a fishing experience with a lot of depth, this might not be the game for you. The basic mechanics are the same as Far Cry 5, but overall that system had more depth and reason to fish in general. The same can be said for fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is superior to what you’ll find here.

Now that you know how to go fishing in Hope County, head to our comprehensive Far Cry New Dawn guide and walkthrough. It’s there that you can arm yourself with all the knowledge required to take down the Highwaymen build up Prosperity.

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