How to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

Ethanol is the resource that keeps you moving forward in Far Cry New Dawn, and there only a few ways to earn it.


If you think of resources in Far Cry New Dawn as if they were part of a tree, ethanol would be the trunk. It is the one thing that players must acquire if they hope to upgrade their situation in Prosperity, including gaining the ability to craft new and more powerful weapons. There are only a few ways to earn ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, and we’ve compiled a list of those methods so you don’t miss out.

Liberate outposts to get ethanol

How to Get Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn

There are 10 outposts in Far Cry New Dawn, and each time you liberate one you’ll get ethanol. The first time you clear an outpost you’ll get 100 ethanol, the second time is 200, and the third time is 300. This is not including the 50 additional ethanol you get for not being spotted or setting off any alarms, or the bit you get when you scavenge an outpost, giving it back to the Highwaymen.

Intercept supply drops to get ethanol

Get Ethanol from Supply Drops in Far Cry New Dawn

Players will often be alerted to a supply drop in their area. Look up to spot a plane crossing the sky above you. It will generally fly very close but will drop a crate a short distance away. Head to the crate and secure it, killing any Highwaymen that show up, and some most certainly will. Once you interact with and secure the crate, expect to earn in the range of 30 to 40 ethanol, which isn’t a bad haul for 30 seconds of work.

Hijack a tanker truck to get ethanol

Get Ethanol from Tanker Trucks in Far Cry New Dawn

As you travel throughout Hope County, expect to see a tanker truck or two driven by the Highwaymen that contains ethanol. Kill the driver (or carefully stop the truck), hop in, and then deliver the truck to one of your liberated outposts, or Prosperity. If you’re having trouble taking the trucks without blowing them up, consider Nana as a Gun for Hire; she’s an incredible shot and will knock a driver out of the truck and not blow it up it in the process. You can also use the Repair Torch to fix the truck if it takes a bit of damage.

Overall, the quest for ethanol is one of the most significant systems at work. It’s the key to unlocking all upgrades, be they weapons, vehicles, health items, explosives, or even maps. Take any opportunity you have to secure more ethanol and visit our Far Cry New Dawn game guide and walkthrough for help with any activities that will benefit from its acquisition.

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