How to defeat Mickey and Lou in Far Cry New Dawn

Defeating Mickey and Lou can be nearly impossible without the proper preparation, so let us get you set for this Far Cry New Dawn boss fight.


The Mickey and Lou boss fight in Far Cry New Dawn can be a handful given their weapons, health pools, and the setting in which this fight takes place. My first attempt was pathetic, but I made several errors both in how I prepared (by not preparing), and how I tried to fight them. After leaving the fight to think about where it had all gone off the rails, I realized there were several things I could do to improve my chances of defeating the twins. This guide will show you how to defeat Mickey and Lou in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to defeat Mickey and Lou

  • If you’re struggling with the fight, consider exiting your game and loading back in. Chances are you’ll be out of the fight and able to roam around Hope County, which is what you want. I’m going to give you some homework to complete before you try to take on Mickey and Lou again.
  • Recruit Selene and fully upgrade the Infirmary in Prosperity, giving your character 250 percent health. Learn how to get ethanol to make this possible.
  • Recruit Horatio and unlock the Shield Break, Pig’s Endurance, and Porcine Fury perks by getting 40 kills with this Fang for Hire. This will allow him to revive himself during the fight, which is essential, and put the hurt on the twins.
  • Fully upgrade the Training Camp so that your Guns/Fangs for Hire are elite. This will make Horatio more effective against the twins in the fight.
  • Unlock the elite weapons Radiation-Pink AK-MS, and the Blunderbuss MG42. This assault rifle and LMG combination will do the damage you need, especially the Blunderbuss. However, you will need to gather resources and complete expeditions to get the Circuit Boards required.
  • Upgrade your More Medkits, More Throwables, More Light Ammo, and More Heavy Ammo perks a few times each. This will give you more bullets, but most importantly, more Medkits to heal up during the fight. You will also want the Well-Armed and Heavily-Armed perks if you don’t already have them, which allow you to carry more weapons. If you need perk points, complete all 10 Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn for 30 perk points.
  • Avoid throwing Molotovs during the fight. Lou will wander around with a flamethrower and set the entire map on fire. You don’t need to go making it worse by throwing Molotovs everywhere.

Mickey and Lou boss fight strategy

Mickey Lou Twin Boss Fight Far Cry New Dawn

When you arrive at the New Eden compound, head towards the chapel, reviving as many people as you can. They will turn into fighters for your side when things get going. They won’t do much damage, but the more people Mickey and Lou must shoot at, the less they will be shooting at you. This is the key. Revive your way to the chapel, taking note of the ammo refill crates about, and then head inside.

Following the cinematic you’ll be looking at the chapel’s main door. If you can spot Lou (the twin with the flamethrower), tag her and give Horatio the order to attack. He will attack her until she downs him, but because you’ve unlocked the Pig’s Endurance perk, he will revive himself and get back into the fight. He is a pain in her butt and will remain one while you work.

Initially, I went out the side door to the right when the cinematic ended, then behind the chapel. There is a lot of fire at the start and walking through it to fight is ill advised. Hang out behind the chapel and let the fire go out a little. You should be relatively safe back here. Lou might approach, but Mickey is a long way off with a sniper rifle and won’t have a shot on you.

Once the fire has died down and Horatio is busy messing with Lou, start tracking her down as well. Keep the huts between you and Mickey but walk Lou down and open up with the Blunderbuss MG42 LMG. It will chew through her health. Focus on her head as much as possible for critical hits, and then take cover to reload when empty. Remember there is an ammo refill crate close to the main entrance of the chapel, so top up if you’re low.

When Lou falls, finish her off permanently. None of this letting her chill out on the ground waiting for a revive. Kill her, then head back and refill your ammo. Craft more Medkits and explosives if you must, but it is advised you don’t use Molotovs here. The hardest part of this fight was the fire was constantly out of control. Once Lou is down, that shouldn’t be much of a problem if you don’t light the fires yourself.

With one twin left, start walking Mickey down. Make sure to tag her, then instruct Horatio to attack. He will do the same annoying charges against Mickey, making sure she isn’t free to line up sniper shots on you. Again, target her head with the Blunderbuss MG42 LMG, chewing through her health. I also liked to lob Dynamite at the twins for a bit of extra damage, but I can’t say it’s more effective than the Blunderbuss MG42, and it quite possibly downed Horatio, so be careful with your aim.

Once Micky is down, finish her off the same you did Lou and enjoy your victory. Those that struggled in the first run will note how much easier it is to defeat Mickey and Lou with proper preparation. With the boss fight won, head to the Far Cry New Dawn game guides and walkthrough hub that we have going for more help with Hope County.

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      My solution, which I implemented accidentally, was to use the MG42 and armor piercing rounds to apply maximum dakka to Lou as she stood in the doorway burning me. There was so much smoke I didn't even know it was her until she died.

      With her out of the way, the rest of the fight was just playing tag with Mickey.

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      Thank you for this! This is a tough fight.

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