Xbox One controls and buttons in Far Cry New Dawn

Brush up on the basic controls and specific button mappings for Far Cry New Dawn on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.


Looking to learn about the basic controls and buttons in Far Cry New Dawn for the Xbox One? We've got you covered. Though the control scheme in Ubisoft's latest release should be largely familiar for series followers, New Dawn does just enough things differently that a quick refresh is warranted. Read on to discover all of the button mappings and controls for Far Cry New Dawn on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One controls

The basic controls for Far Cry New Dawn on the Xbox One are split into three primary groups: ground controls, driving controls, and flight controls. Many of the button commands are similar between all three schemes: the Menu button will always open the Pause menu, and the View button will always bring up the Game menu. For convenience, we've sorted the controls first by the button used, then by its function given the control group.

On Ground Driving Flying
Left Analog Move Steer Forward/Reverse/Strafe
Right Analog Look Look Yaw/Pitch
LS Sprint Autodrive
RS Quick Melee/Takedown Horn
D-Pad Up Binoculars Cycle Radio Station
Radio On/Off
D-Pad Down Throw Rock/Can (press)
Cook Rock/Can (hold)
Cycle Throwable
Throw Can (hold)
Throw Can
Cook Can (hold)
D-Pad Left Gun for Hire Action Gun for Hire Action Gun for Hire Action
D-Pad Right Gun for Hire Follow Gun for Hire Follow Gun for Hire Follow
A Jump/Vault
Fists (Hold LT + A)
Switch Seats Switch Ascend
B Crouch/Slide Handbrake
Burnout (hold)
Lean out/Lean in (passenger)
X Reload
Interact (hold)
Enter/Exit Vehicle Enter/Exit Vehicle
Y Previous Weapon
Heal (hold)
Cycle Vehicle Weapons
Heal (hold)
Cycle Vehicle Weapons
Heal (hold)
LB Weapon Wheel (hold) Shoot
LT Aim
Peek (in cover)
Chat Wheel
Brake Look (hold + Right Analog)
RB Throw
Block (Fists + LT)
Throw Rockets/Flares
RT Shoot
Blind Fire (in cover)
Heavy Melee (hold)
Switch Fire Mode
Accelerate Shoot
View Game Menu Game Menu Game Menu
Menu Pause Menu Pause Menu Pause Menu

All things considered, there aren't too many surprises among the Far Cry New Dawn controls. Aiming and firing are still relegated to the shoulder buttons, while D-pad directions largely correspond to miscellaneous commands. As might be expected, clicking the left analog stick still causes the character to sprint, while a click of the right analog stick performs a melee attack. The rest of the controls should seem about standard for Far Cry fans or gamers with a penchant for console shooters.

With the basic buttons and controls in Far Cry New Dawn for the Xbox One out of the way, players should have no trouble working through one of Ubisoft's most colorful post-apocalyptic releases to date. Don't get left in the dust — brush up on other must-know information for the latest Far Cry release by heading over to Shacknews' Far Cry New Dawn home page.

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