Dear Photograph locations in Far Cry New Dawn

Complete the quest A Thousand Words and take snapshots at all Dear Photograph locations in Far Cry New Dawn.


Far Cry New Dawn doesn’t have the same number of collectibles as its predecessor, but it still has a few, and each is interesting for one reason or another. Among them are the Dear Photograph collectibles that require players to locate and line up a photograph to compare what the world looks like now with what it looked like before the bombs fell. This guide will show you where to go to find each Dear Photograph and provide you with a screenshot to line it up for yourself.

A Thousand Words - Dear Photograph locations

Each Dear Photograph will notify you when you’re in the search zone. Look for a mat, stool, and camera in the area, which is a telltale sign that the photographer was standing in that position. As you begin to find and replicate these shots, you’ll progress towards completing a quest called A Thousand Words.

Dear Photograph 1

This Dear Photograph is located just outside of Prosperity, so you can grab it the moment you’re able to leave the walls and wander about on your own. You’ll be looking back at the buildings that make up Prosperity to line up the shot.

Dear Photograph 2

Find the next shot at Rye and Daughter Aviation, which is down the road a bit from Prosperity but not too far from the large river near each. Line up the shot by standing in the photographer’s position close to the road and looking back at the buildings.

Dear Photograph 3

This Dear Photograph can be taken near The Chop Shop outpost. Look for a tower nearby that has a plane on top of it. Directly west of the tower will be the photographer’s nest where you can line up and take the shot. I remember this location well from Far Cry 5.

Dear Photograph 4

Find another collectible location just outside The Pantry outpost. Leave the outpost and head across the road in a somewhat eastern direction. You’ll spot the photographer’s nest in a field and looking back to the west will line this shot up nicely.

Dear Photograph 5

East from The Pantry outpost, and east from the Old Fang Farm will be a Dear Photograph location by the river, near the train derailment. Find the photographer’s nest near the riverbank and look toward the left side of the derailment. Line up the shot and you’re halfway done with A Thousand Words.

Dear Photograph 6

Head to The Refinery outpost to find another opportunity to add to your collection. Head north of The Refinery and you’ll spot the photographer’s gear. Look back towards the outpost and line up the shot to knock another Dear Photograph off your list.

Dear Photograph 7

Head to Chateau Boshaw on the eastern side of the map, about as close as you can get to the boundary. Head east from the buildings and up the hill a bit to find the photographer’s position. Look back towards Chateau Boshaw and take yet another picture of the past.

Dear Photograph 8

There is a Dear Photograph to be taken across the water from The Island outpost. Head to The Old Compound and search for a building that is half in and half out of the water. It’s pretty run down at this point. Head south from the building and look back at it when it’s directly north of you to find the shot.

Dear Photograph 9

The final shot is found at Joseph’s Sanctuary, which is at the very top of the map. You may need to move the main story along a certain amount to unlock this location. Head south, away from Joseph’s Sanctuary along the river. Once you find the photographer’s gear, look back towards the location for the shot.

With all nine Dear Photograph opportunities explored, you’ll have completed A Thousand Words and will be moving on to your next collectible, which we suggest being the Treasure Hunts since they can award you valuable perk points. If you’re already done with that, head to our Far Cry New Dawn game guides and walkthrough.

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