PS4 controls and buttons in Far Cry New Dawn

Learn the controls and button configuration for the PS4 version of Far Cry New Dawn.


Most console games with shooting mechanics tend to have some similar controls and button layouts, but it’s not uncommon for there to be small differences here and there. We almost all know where to find the buttons for aiming down sight and shooting, but it can get squirrely after that. Below is a complete list of the button configurations, layout, and controls for Far Cry New Dawn on the PS4.

Far Cry New Dawn PlayStation 4 controls

On Ground Driving Flying
Left Analog Move Steer Forward/Reverse/Strafe
Right Analog Look Look Yaw/Pitch
L3 Sprint Autodrive
R3 Quick Melee/Takedown Horn
D-Pad Up Binoculars Cycle Radio Station
Radio On/Off
D-Pad Down Throw Rock/Can (press)
Cook Rock/Can (hold)
Cycle Throwable
Throw Can (hold)
Throw Can
Cook Can (hold)
D-Pad Left Gun for Hire Action Gun for Hire Action Gun for Hire Action
D-Pad Right Gun for Hire Follow Gun for Hire Follow Gun for Hire Follow
X Jump/Vault
Fists (Hold LT + A)
Switch Seats Switch Ascend
Circle Crouch/Slide Handbrake
Burnout (hold)
Lean out/Lean in (passenger)
Square Reload
Interact (hold)
Enter/Exit Vehicle Enter/Exit Vehicle
Triangle Previous Weapon
Heal (hold)
Cycle Vehicle Weapons
Heal (hold)
Cycle Vehicle Weapons
Heal (hold)
L1 Weapon Wheel (hold) Shoot
L2 Aim
Peek (in cover)
Chat Wheel
Brake Look (hold + Right Analog)
R1 Throw
Block (Fists + LT)
Throw Rockets/Flares
R2 Shoot
Blind Fire (in cover)
Heavy Melee (hold)
Switch Fire Mode
Accelerate Shoot
Touchpad Game Menu Game Menu Game Menu
Options Pause Menu Pause Menu Pause Menu

The controls listed above are for players on foot, while driving, and in helicopters, which is probably clear once you begin to read them. If you’ve landed here inadvertently, we also have guides for the Xbox One controls and the PC Keybindings for Far Cry New Dawn.

It’s also worth noting that the above controls can change up slightly based on unlocking in-game abilities. Take the Crouch/Slide option using Circle, for example. Ghost can also be tied to this button in certain circumstances, but we’ve outlined its default uses above.

Now that you have a complete understanding of the PS4 controls and button layout for Far Cry New Dawn, look at the Far Cry New Dawn guides and walkthrough page that we’ve been working on. We’ve been busy pouring over every inch of the game so you won’t get tripped up on your travels.

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