How to fast travel in Far Cry New Dawn

Learn how to fast travel across Hope County and get straight to the mission start point, avoiding those dreaded long walks.


Far Cry New Dawn feels a bit empty compared to Far Cry 5, even though the two basically share the same map. It makes long-distance journeys a bit boring as the game progresses, unless you’re overly excited by the occasional run in with the Highwaymen, or an animal that takes as much damage as a bullet-sponge boss. Fast travel is a way to skip right to the good stuff, but it’s not exactly an open and accessible system right away. Below is how fast travel works in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to fast travel in Far Cry New Dawn

Once players reach Prosperity and gain the ability to walk around and head out on quests, the ability to fast travel will be unlocked. However, players are only able to fast travel back to Prosperity, or to any of the 10 outposts in Far Cry New Dawn, assuming the player has liberated them. Fast travel is activated by opening the map in the game’s menu, then selecting an available fast travel option.

How to fast travel in Far Cry New Dawn

However, players can unlock the ability to fast travel to discovered locations, or even air drop into any of the game’s locations, liberated outposts, or Prosperity. To upgrade your fast travel options, head over to the stand where Roger Cadoret, the NPC in charge of Far Cry New Dawn’s Expeditions in Prosperity, hangs out. If you invest ethanol into the Expeditions wing of Prosperity, you can then gain more options for how you’d like to fast travel across Hope County.

That's pretty much it. All your fast-travel options are explained via the Expeditions hub in Prosperity, and we suspect you'll be taking advantage of them as you dig further into the game. If you would like to learn more about how things work in Hope County, visit our Far Cry New Dawn guide and walkthrough for more help surviving the Highwaymen.

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