All outpost locations in Far Cry New Dawn

Learn the locations of every outpost in Far Cry New Dawn, liberating them for valuable hauls of Ethanol.


Like many open-world Ubisoft games in recent years, Far Cry New Dawn includes outposts, which are enemy controlled areas that must be taken back for reward. Far Cry New Dawn includes a total of 10 outposts and liberating them provides fast-travel points and large quantities of Ethanol. Below is a list of all the outposts in Far Cry New Dawn, and some tips for how to approach this mechanic.

All outposts in Far Cry New Dawn

Here's a fuill map of all of the outposts in Far Cry New Dawn. A full list of each outpost can be found underneath the map image below.

Map of Far Cry New Dawn outpost locations
Map of Far Cry New Dawn outpost locations

These outpost locations are:

  • The Chop Shop
  • Sacred Lumber
  • Broken Forge
  • The Pantry
  • The Watering Hole
  • The Refinery
  • Trailer Town
  • Empty Garden
  • The Island
  • Signal Point

Outpost tips in Far Cry New Dawn

Completing an outpost for the first time will award 100 Ethanol. Choosing to Scavenge the outpost will award more Ethanol but will return the outpost the Highwaymen and up the difficulty if the player wishes to take it back.

Completing an outpost without being spotted or setting off any alarms will score the player a bit of extra Ethanol, and you’re going to need all that you can get.

Nana is a fantastic companion (Gun for Hire) when taking an outpost for the first time. She can one-shot most low-level enemies from range. Mark targets for her and command her to attack them. I’ve taken a handful of outposts without ever having to move from a sniper’s nest or fire a shot myself.

Pastor Jerome is a great Gun for Hire if you prefer to take outposts by getting your hands dirty with close quarters combat. He carries a shotgun and will obliterate most foes at close range, especially the first time you clear an outpost. If your enemies aren’t aware, telling him to attack a target will send him into stealth mode to do the job quietly.

Hurk is a great option for taking an outpost for the second or third time. He carries a rocket launcher and will destroy even high-level enemies from range with his rockets. Even if they don’t die, he will send them flying across the map from the force of the explosion.

Clearing outposts is an ongoing effort in Far Cry New Dawn, and the rewards get better as the challenge increases. For more help with life in Hope County, visit the Far Cry New Dawn guide and walkthrough we have going.

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