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Evening Reading - November 1, 2022

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for the latest edition of Evening Reading.


Hello, Shackers. Spooky Season is officially over. Now it’s November and, as this fine Tuesday comes to a close, we’ve got your first November edition of the Evening Reading right here. Let’s close down our day of posting, settle into the holiday season, and enjoy ourselves, shall we?

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Spooky season is over

Did you take off your fancy spooky screenname yet (or did you have one this year at all)?

Good a** Smash Bros. tunes

Incredible how well all these catchphrases and taunts fit into a tune.

Cybertrucks in disguise

If they’re going to keep delaying the Cybertruck’s launch, then you could at least dress as one.

How do you do, fellow trick-or-treaters?

Good use of the “How do you do, fellow kids” meme.

Heckin’ cute God of Destruction

Don’t touch his toe beans or he’ll erase you from existence.

It’s the most horrible time for retail store music

It’s coming. Are you ready?

If Heidi Klum was a worm, would you still like her?

Well, would you?

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