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Evening Reading - November 12, 2021

We're ending another week with a fresh Friday edition of Evening Reading.


Hello to the Shacknews universe! No gimmicks this weekend: No Halloween, no Daylight Savings Time, and our military's veterans celebrated their big day yesterday. So, it's just a regular weekend. Let's send you off with some Evening Reading.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And, because it's the weekend, go find yourself something to play!

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

New Starfield concept art!

Courtesy of our friends at PC Gamer, the Skyrim 10th Anniversary Concert concluded with Todd Howard unveiling some new concept art for the upcoming Starfield. It's going to be a long time before we find out whether this game can live up to the billing of "Skyrim in space," but this should help make the wait slightly less excruciating.

Today in "How are those GTA remasters going?"


Also, much love to this person with the BoJack Horseman remix.

Visit Iceland

Natural beauty, minus all the Zuckerberg weirdness.


If you told me this is how Mark Proksch landed that role, I'd totally believe you.

Runny babbits

Adopt a fur baby today.

Has Aaron Rodgers seen this?

An interesting and informative video.

Or you could listen to Dr. Joe Rogan. Whatever. You do you, just stay away from me.


Earlier today, you might have seen Disney+ roll out a massive Twitter thread of what's coming to their service. So here are The Boys with their own version.

Parody PLUS!

When Power Rangers was at its greatest

So the official Power Rangers channel started posting full episodes of Power Rangers Zeo and that made me want to say... this was the greatest, man. The absolute peak of the series. I could (and probably will when it turns 25 next year) go on and on about what made this show so awesome, but I'll just mark down a few bulletpoints:

  • The evolution of what it meant to be a Power Ranger, as everyone had to learn a new power set.
  • A galactic threat that, at least at the beginning, put Lord Zedd to shame... and their gradual downfall into galactic joke.
  • Tommy's ascension from "ace-in-the-hole sixth Ranger" to now becoming the one true leader.
  • Jason now switching roles with Tommy and becoming the "ace-in-the-hole sixth Ranger" himself.
  • Billy going from an active Ranger to being the real heart of the team in a support role... a role that lasted a whopping TEN EPISODES, because of very unfortunate circumstances. I'll let you guys dive into that particular rabbit hole.
  • The absolute kickass theme song that remains a permanent earworm for me to this day.

And then there's the continued evolution of Bulk & Skull into real characters, none illustrated better than this episode where Skull reveals he's a piano prodigy.

Zeo rules, man. It's just too bad that it only lasted 50 episodes (very likely because they ran out of Sentai footage) before the series shifted into Turbo... and nearly got cancelled because it was the total opposite of this. (Turbo sucked, is what I'm saying.)

Just... don't bring up the "Dear John" letter. That's all that I ask.


If you missed it, let's check in on "Platinum" Max Caster with his TMZ Sports rap.

AEW Full Gear is this Saturday!


Tonight in video game music

We're checking out the latest from ToxicEternity, who I'll be checking out live in Hollywood tonight with Family Jules and the Super Guitar Bros. as part of The Video Game Metal Shredventure tour. Tickets available now!

There's your Evening Reading to send you into this second weekend of November. What are your plans for this weekend, readers? Join the conversation and let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below.

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