Pokemon Unite confirms Decidueye coming to the roster next week

Decidueye is coming to Pokemon Unite's roster next week and we got a look at the owl archer Pokemon's moveset.


It was very recently that TiMi Studio Group teased what could only be Decidueye coming to the Pokemon Unite roster. The not-so-subtle tweet that teased the possibility spoke of flying and arrows and showed what looked very much like Decidueye’s quill arrows. A few days later, the tease is confirmed and we have a release date. Decidueye is coming to Pokemon Unite next week and we just got a good look at its moveset.

Developer TiMi Studio Group gave us the full reveal of Decidueye and a launch date for the owl archer in Pokemon Unite on the game’s YouTube channel on November 12, 2021, following up on a recent tease of the character. On November 19, 2021, Decidueye will be available for purchase and play in the game. Normally, when a new Pokemon launches in Unite, they run a cost of 8,000 to 10,000 Aeos Coins, which are earnable in-game, but if you want the fast-track. You can also buy Aeos Crystals with real money to obtain Decidueye.

Perhaps just as importantly, we also got a good look at Decidueye’s Pokemon Unite moveset and what it can do. Decidueye is looking like a ranged specialist. It can fire off a charged shot, or hit an opponent or wild Pokemon with a ghost attack which weakens them to further attacks.

Unique from other ranged fighters, Decidueye can attack two enemies at the same time at very different angles with its basic attacks. It is shown shooting arrows at a Lucario and a nearby wild Pokemon simultaneously. Cramorant can also attack two opponents, with a single ranged basic attack, but they need to be close together. Finally, Decidueye’s ultimate Unite move is a flood of arrows fired in a wide line, and ending with a big shot.

Decidueye has been a much-requested Pokemon for Unite’s roster and fans of the owl archer will be waiting much longer to play it. Be on the lookout in the Pokemon Unite shop when Decidueye comes to Pokemon Unite next week.

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