Watch Dogs: Legion guide - Collectibles, best perks, how to get recruits

Your definitive Watch Dogs: Legion guide, with information on how to get the best perks, recruits, and more.


Looking to make the most of your time in near-future London as you play through Watch Dogs: Legion? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find an assortment of guides, how tos, item locations and other useful information that will help you revive Dedsec and bring Albion to its knees.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide - Collectibles, best perks, how to get recruits

There is a lot for players to do in London. As the center of Watch Dogs: Legion’s narrative, the near-future city has plenty of alleyways, rooftops, and hidden secrets waiting for you to discover them all. It won’t be easy, though. Before you jump in, let’s go over some basics every new Dedsec operative needs to know.

Editors note: We'll be adding links to many of these guides over the coming hours. Make sure to check back requently for new content and updates to the current articles.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide

Getting started in Watch Dogs: Legion

After an explosive opening scene, you’ll find yourself having to recruit and free the citizens of London from the iron grip of a tyrannical security company called Albion. Albion isn’t the only enemy you’ll face in the world, though, and there are plenty of secrets for you to unravel along the way as you make your way through the main story missions.

If you’re just getting started in Watch Dogs: Legion, then make sure you check out these handy guides.

Starter Guides for Watch Dogs: Legion
Guide Link Guide Description
How long to beat Watch Dogs: Legion? Curious to know how long the campaign will take you to complete in Ubisoft's latest action adventure? Here are all the details.
How to choose the best starter operative Make sure you start your journey off with a strong recruit by following these tips to help you choose a starter operative that stands out.
How to get new recruits Learn the basics of finding new recruits as you explore and free the different boroughs of London.
How to get more Tech Points Find out what Tech Points are, how to get them, and the best way to find the locations of more of them on the map.
How to change operatives Tired of running around as that boring old suit? Here's what you need to know if you want to change operatives while out in the field.

Upgrades, Skilled Operatives, and more

Once you have a good understanding of the basics, it’s time to move on to upgrading and gathering new recruits that are better than the first batch you’ve come across. That’s where these guides come in. Check them out for more info on how to get better operatives, more Tech Points, and more.

Advanced Guides for Watch Dogs: Legion
Guide Link Guide Description
How to get Skilled Operatives Tired of all those lame recruits you keep finding on the streets? Up your game by recruiting a Skilled Operative using these quick tips.
Best Tech and upgrades Take a look at this breakdown for the best Tech and upgrades that users will want to grab to help even the playing field in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Questions and Answers

Struggling to figure out if you can hide bodies or what that Permadeath option even means? Or maybe you're just curious about what all those PC graphics options are or who voices Sabine. No matter the question; we have the answers.

Questions and Answer Guides for Watch Dogs: Legion
Guide Link Guide Description
Can you hide bodies? Wondering if you can hide the bodies of all those pesky Albion soldiers you keep knocking out? Here's your answer.
How does Permadeath work? Not really sure how the Permadeath feature works? Here's a quick briefing on the mechanic, what enabling it does, and how you can make the most of it.
What happens if an operative dies? Death doesn't have to be the end, at least, not if you have Permadeath mode off. Find out what happens when an operative dies with this quick guide.
What happens if you drink too much? A drink down to the pub for a pint can be nice, and even give some operatives a buff. But what happens if you take things a bit too far? We've got your answers.

We’ll be expanding and updating this guide as the days go on. The fight for London is far from over and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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