How to choose the best starter operative - Watch Dogs: Legion

Not sure which operative you should start off with? Here are a few tips to help you choose one of the best.


Much like previous entries in the series, Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t allow players to completely customize a new character. Instead, you’ll need to choose an operative from a list of premade characters. When you’re just jumping into the game, it can be a bit difficult to know who you should choose. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to ensure you walk away with the best starter operative for your new team.

How to choose the best starter operative

After you complete the opening mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll be able to choose your first operative. While you can go for the most interesting looking character, or the character with the biggest gun, we recommend digging a little deeper than that. 

How to choose the best starter operative - Watch Dogs: Legion
Look for operatives with good perks and equipment when choosing a new starter.

Most of the gadgets – like shock rifles and shock pistols – can easily be interchanged between characters. These weapons are Dedsec necessities, which means you can unlock and use them on any operative that’s available. When you’re choosing a good starter operative, we recommend looking for a character with a good perk. Not all – or even many – of the starter operatives have great perks, but getting your hands on something simple like cheaper clothing costs, a passive ETO earning skill, or some other useful skill buff can be exceptionally helpful in the early moments of the game.

Make sure you know how long Watch Dogs: Legion is before you jump in.

If you prefer having a lethal option to make use of in the early game, then it is also worth taking the character’s starting gear into consideration. Not all characters carry lethal items like pistols or assault rifles, so choosing a starter operative that does can give you a nice edge throughout the early missions of the game. The device that you choose isn’t all that important, as you can always change that out later and many of the items – like Spiderbots—can be found in deployable areas later throughout the city.

Watch Dogs: Legion - best starter operative
Some operatives won't have any perks.

Your best bet is to look for a character that has good gear and some nice perks. Some characters even have access to personal vehicles, allowing you to get around the city much easier without having to steal a car.

Now that you know a bit more about how to choose the best starter operative, make sure you check out the rest of our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more useful content.

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