What happens if an operative dies in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Find out where your operatives go when they die in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Watch Dogs: Legion changes up the series’ formula, giving players control of an endless pool of operatives to send into battle. Depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, your operatives could end up in the hospital or actually dead when they reach zero health. In this guide, we’ll discuss what happens when an operative dies, to help make the process easier to understand.

What happens if an operative dies in Watch Dogs: Legion?

As you play through Watch Dogs: Legion, you’re bound to bite off more than you can chew or take an accidental leap off a building at some point—don’t ask. If you do find your operatives reaching zero health, the outcome will vary depending on which difficulty you’re playing on.

What happens if an operative dies in Watch Dogs: Legion?
If an operative dies with Permadeath mode on, they will be lost forever.

If you’re playing with Permadeath mode on, then reaching zero health will completely kill off that operative, removing them from your team. This means you’ll no longer have access to that character or any of the bonuses that they had available. Usually when this happens, you’re going to want to go ahead and replace that operative with a new one that can fill in the gaps left by that character’s death.

If you aren’t playing on permadeath mode, then reaching zero health will send your operative to the hospital. During this time, they’ll be unavailable to use, with a timer counting down to their release from the hospital. Your operatives can also be arrested, but that’s a bit of a different mechanic completely. Much like the hospital, you’re going to need to wait for the timer to countdown before the character can be used again.

What happens if an operative dies - Watch Dogs: Legion - Permadeath mode off
If Permadeath mode is disabled, then your operatives won't completely die.

You can always turn Permadeath mode off if you find it to be too difficult, though it definitely feels like the way the game was intended to be played. Now that you know what happens if an operative dies, make sure you check out our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for even more useful information. You’ll also want to know how to change operatives, which can help you choose the best agent for the job.

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