How to change operatives - Watch Dogs: Legion

Find out everything you need to know to change operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Unlike past Watch Dogs games, players won’t play as just one character in Watch Dogs: Legion. Throughout the campaign, you’ll find yourself swapping between operatives multiple times, as some often offer different options, items, and perks. If you want to become as efficient as possible, then knowing how to change operatives is going to be key.

How to change operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

To change operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion, all players need to do is pull up the Cell Phone menu and then scroll over to the Team tab. This can be done by pressing Tab on the keyboard, or by pressing the Touchpad or Options button on PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

How to change operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion
You can swap to any of your active recruits at any time in Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Team tab is an important part of the Legion experience and it is here that you can see a list of all your current operatives, as well as any recruits that you’ve marked while exploring the world.

When you’re ready, go ahead and select the new operative that you want to change over to. You’ll be able to edit their loadout – which is often limited depending on the character you’re using. Finally, go ahead and follow the prompt on the screen to select the character and change over to them. You’ll get a brief loading screen – depending on your system it might take a bit longer – and then you’ll be in control of the new operative.

If you’re running low on operatives, you can always learn how to recruit new operatives, which will be key to your success in Watch Dogs: Legion. You might also want to take a look at our guide on what to do if an operative dies, where we go over some helpful info on how to approach your various agents ending up in the cemetery.

Now that you know how to change operatives, make sure you check out our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for even more useful information.

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