How to get new recruits - Watch Dogs: Legion

Everything you need to know to start gathering new recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion.


As you make your way through Watch Dogs: Legion, it is important to have a diverse and steady flow of recruits coming in to replace the operatives that will inevitably fall during the more difficult missions. Whether you are working to build up your initial group or looking to refill the ranks after a rough go of things, knowing how to get new recruits is key to Dedsec’s survival.

How to get new recruits

Getting new recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion is actually fairly easy. To make recruiting as easy as possible, though, we suggest picking up the Deep Profile Tech very early, as it will allow you to see people’s schedules and any possible recruitment leads you can use to turn them to Dedsec’s side.

How to get new recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion
You'll have to complete recruitment missions to fully recruit people.

When you’re ready to start recruit people, all you need to do is head out into the world and start profiling. You can profile any individual in the world – from old ladies to Albion employees themselves – by focusing on them and then activating the Hack menu. This can be done by pressing and holding the Middle Mouse Button on PC, or by holding down the L1 or LB buttons on the PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

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With the Hack menu up, you can get a quick look at what kind of perks and gear the individual that you’re looking at has. If you want, you can also save them to your Potential Recruits list, though you won’t be able to do this after you have reached full team capacity. As such, try not to just recruit every random person you come across in the world, as you could end up missing out on some truly great characters that would benefit your team.

Watch Dogs: Legion Deep Profiler
You can use the Deep Profiler to help track down and convince recruits that don't like Dedsec to join the cause.

If you’re ready to recruit a specific operative, you can approach them and press the Interact button to trigger a conversation. They will usually give you a mission of some sort to complete, and once that is done, your current operative will invite them into Dedsec. If they liked the results of the mission then they’ll join up and be added to your team and you can swap to your new operative whenever you please.

As you explore the world, you’ll find more than a few who dislike or even hate Dedsec. These include people that work in places like Albion, police officers, and just people that you run amiss of during your exploration. Don’t give up, though, you can still recruit these individuals, you’ll just have to do a little bit of extra work.

To recruit people who dislike Dedsec, you’re going to need to purchase the Deep Profiler tech from the Tech tab in your phone menu. This will allow you to see times that they are at nearby locales, as well as other information about them. You can then use this info to head to one of the locations in question and talk to them face to face.

Like other possible recruits, they’ll bring up a mission for you to complete, though normally they will be more difficult than the normal recruitment missions that you are sent on. Complete the mission and you can then invite them to join Dedsec, giving you access that you might not have had before.

Now that you know how to get new recruits, be sure to take a good look at all the newbies you bring into the organization. Your fight against Albion won’t be easy, so you’re going to want to equip yourself with a lot of diverse characters with unique perks, weapons, and other goodies. For more help, be sure to head back over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide.

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