How does Permadeath work in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Learn more about the Permadeath mechanic in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Fans of XCOM and other turn-based RPGs will probably recognize the Permadeath mechanic, one of the new features available in Watch Dogs: Legion’s difficulty setting. For those who don’t have much experience, though, understand exactly what this feature does is important and can drastically change how you play the game.

How does Permadeath work in Watch Dogs: Legion?

When activated, Permadeath essentially makes it so that any operative that becomes incapacitated to the point of dying is actually removed from the game entirely. When enabled, Permadeath mode will push players to want to recruit new operatives often. If you happen to run out of active operatives, the game will end, forcing you to reload to an earlier save or even restart the game entirely. Permadeath needs to be enabled at the start of a new game. If you start a game without it, you cannot turn it on later. However, you can turn it off.

What is permadeath mode - watch dogs legion
When Permadeath mode is active, operatives lost in combat will actually die.

If you decide to try Permadeath mode, but find that you don’t like it, then you can disable it at any time by heading into the game settings. Those who really relish a challenge can play through the game on Iron Man mode, which enables Permadeath and removes the option to turn it off, thus forcing you to play through the story with it active. This is by far the most challenging way to complete Watch Dogs: Legion.

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