Can you hide bodies in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Wondering what to do with those enemies you knocked out in Watch Dogs: Legion? Here's what you need to know about hiding bodies.


As you make your way through the various boroughs of London, you’re bound to find the bodies piling up. What exactly do you do with these bodies? Can you move them around like in other tactical games or are they simply left where they fall when you knock them out? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Can you hide bodies in Watch Dogs: Legion?

The short answer here is yes, you can hide bodies, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of simply being able to move and pick up the bodies of enemies you've taken down, you must first invest in a special piece of Tech called AR Shroud. Once purchased, you can then use AR Shroud to literally cloak the bodies of the enemies that you've taken down. Since you can't hide bodies without an upgrade, users who don't have a lot of Tech Points, or those just starting out, will need to be a bit more creative with how they approach situations. Here's a few tips to help you do just that.

Can you hide bodies in Watch Dogs: Legion? - Ar Shroud
The AR Shroud will allow you to cloak the bodies of downed individuals.

First, you can use traps and other things to lure in enemies and then take them out in hard to see spots. This can help keep other guards from noticing the body of their comrade lumped on the ground, which can make it easier to move through areas. Of course, there’s also the other approach to this problem.

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Can you hide bodies in Watch Dogs: Legion?
Stealth takedowns can be crucial to making it through mission areas without a lot of fighting, but you can't hide bodies without a special Tech upgra, so be careful.

Instead of trying to hide the bodies, use them to lure other enemies in and then take those enemies out too. A well-placed body can be the key to a great offensive, allowing you to pull your enemies out of their tougher-to-reach hiding spots where you’ll have plenty of options to sneak up and knock them out.

Finally, if you just don’t feel like caring about bodies, you can go in guns blazing. Of course, Dedsec’s whole thing is to only use guns as a last resort, which means many of your characters aren’t going to have open access to lethal weapons like assault rifles or submachine guns. The game’s shock weapons can be really handy, and they do a good enough job without getting blood everywhere.

Watch Dogs Legion - gun combat
Of course, you can always resort to your guns instead of hiding bodies.

Now that you know that you can’t hide bodies, make sure you check out our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more useful info and content surrounding the latest chapter of the hit hacker series.

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