Best Tech and upgrades - Watch Dogs: Legion

Learn more about the best Tech and skills you can purchase in Watch Dogs: Legion.


There are a lot of different skills and upgrades you can spend your Tech Points on in the latest Watch Dogs title and figuring out what the best items to purchase are can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve logged a number of hours in the game and have put together this handy breakdown of the best tech and skills to buy in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Best Tech and upgrades - Watch Dogs: Legion

With so many different types of Tech to choose from, deciding whether you should drop your Tech Points on new weapons, hacks, gadgets, or upgrades can be frustrating. While you’ll eventually earn enough points to unlock it all, prioritizing the most helpful stuff can make your job easier in the long run.

Best Tech and upgrades to buy - Watch Dogs: Legion
The Spiderbot is one of the best gadgets to grab early in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Some important Tech to unlock early on includes the Infiltrator Spiderbot. This helpful device can often be found throughout the city via deployment points but having it as a gadget is extremely helpful. You can also upgrade it to include a double jump, sprint, and cloaking ability.

Another one that’s worth grabbing early is the Deep Profiler upgrade. This item is needed to recruit new operatives that dislike or even hate Dedsec by allowing you to see their schedules, interests, and possible recruitment reasons.

The third item worth grabbing early on is the Skin Mesh. This upgrade will allow your operatives to take more damage before going down and potentially dying or forcing you to restart a mission that you’ve been trying to complete. Unlike other items you can purchase with Tech Points, there aren’t any additional upgrades available with this one.

Skin Mesh upgrade - Watch Dogs: Legion
The Skin Mesh upgrade will allow your operatives to take more damage before going down.

If you plan on engaging in a lot of anti-Albion activities—such as propaganda missions and other open-world missions—then it’s worth having the Chase Drone Hacks upgrade and the Riot Drone Hacks as early on as possible, too. If you’re going to be doing a lot of work on your feet then the Disrupt Hack and Attract Hack are good choices as well.

While you’ll probably end up with all of the Tech upgrades and unlocks at some point, starting off with the best Tech and upgrades early on can put you on the right track. If you’re a more aggressive player, then unlocking the shock weapons available could be a good move, too. For more help, make sure also check out our Watch Dogs: Legion guide, where we’ve broken down even more of the game’s core mechanics and features.

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