How to get Skilled Operatives - Watch Dogs: Legion

Learn how to get Skilled Operatives, some of the best available recruits, in Watch Dogs: Legion.


There are a lot of people for you to recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion’s version of near-futuristic London. But, if you want the best of the best, then you’re going to want to be on the lookout for Skilled Operatives. These special agents can be acquired by completing an assortment of tasks, all of which we’ll outline in the guide below.

How to get Skilled Operatives

While you’ll be able to recruit pretty much anyone in the city of London to help you in your fight against Albion, the cream of the crop can only be found by completing a series of special missions throughout each of the city’s boroughs.

how to get skilled operatives-  watch dogs legion
Make boroughs go defiant to unlock Skiller Operatives.

Basically, the city is broken down into a series of different boroughs, or neighborhoods. As you work through the game you can help each borough become defiant, allowing them to rise up against the tyranny that runs the streets. There are quite a few reasons to go about helping out the boroughs, like marking all the Tech Points on the map so you can more easily track them down. Perhaps the most important reason, though, is the addition of Skilled Operatives to your roster.

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Each borough has a different Skilled Operative and you can check what each borough has to offer by simply hovering over it when zoomed out on the map. For example, if you look at Westminster, you’ll see that it includes a Skilled Operative in the form of a special agent. Meanwhile, Nine Elms lists a Professional Hitman as the Skilled Operative that you can unlock. Each borough has a different set of requirements to meet, though it comes down to a basic gameplay loop.

Skilled Operatives can unlock special items like silence guns and more
Skilled Operatives can unlock special items like silence guns.

To make a borough go defiant and rise up, all you need to do is complete the various side missions that are listed on the info card that appears when you hover over that part of the city. These will pop up as you get close to them and unlock more of the map. The missions – which appear in red – include things like overriding Albion propaganda, rescuing victims from Albion, and other assorted tasks. Once you’ve completed enough of them, a Borough Mission will unlock, allowing you to complete a more in-depth mission and remove Albion’s influence from a major landmark in the area.

Once you complete the Borough Mission the new Skilled Operative will be added to your roster, allowing you to make use of that character in missions. Remember that if you’re using Permadeath mode, then these characters can die and when they do, they’ll be gone forever.

Now that you know how to get Skilled Operatives, head back over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more useful info and content.

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