How to get more Tech Points - Watch Dogs: Legion

Learn how to get your hands on more Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion.


Tech Points are a special item that you will need to collect to unlock various pieces of tech, as well as upgrades to your base gadgets. Gathering lots of Tech Points will allow you to gear your operatives with different weapons, items, and even change what kind of things you can hack and disrupt.

How to get more Tech Points

Getting Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion is very straightforward. The massive open world is absolutely filled with various items that you can pick up, including items that will reward you with Tech Points. You can even see these items on the map when you’ve explored the area.

how to get more tech points - watch dogs: legion
You can find an assortment of Tech Points scattered around the world.

If you want to gather up a lot of Tech Points, you’re going to want to just explore the world and try to complete the various special missions throughout each of the boroughs. If you can complete all of the side missions (the red marked icons on the map) in a borough, then you can unlock a special mission. Completing the special Borough Mission will mark all the area’s Tech Points on your map, making it even easier to collect them. You'll also unlock Skilled Operatives if you complete these missions, too.

Most of the basic items can be purchased for anywhere from 10-25 Tech Points, so just try to collect as much as you can throughout your normal playthrough. If you find that you’re wanting something you don’t already have unlocked, you can always take a few hours to run around gathering items and making some of your boroughs defiant.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to get Tech Points, head over to our Watch Dogs: Legion guide for more useful info and content. 

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