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May 7 Inside Xbox Series X recap - game trailers & announcements

Take a look at all the game trailers and announcements from the May 7 Inside Xbox Series X livestream.


The first Inside Xbox Series X event was livestreamed earlier today, showing off tons of new third-party games coming to the next-generation console. There was a lot to see in the 25-minute program, and we’ve broken down all the big announcements, game trailers, and more below.

May 7 Inside Xbox Series X recap - game trailers & announcements

Inside Xbox game announcements trailers and more

There's a lot to see in today's episode of Inside Xbox. If you don't have time to go through the program yourself, then we can help. Below you'll find information on all the latest game announcements, trailers, and more from the episode. Let's dive in!.

Bright Memory Infinite Xbox Series X gameplay trailer

Starting off the livestream with a bang, we got our first look at Bright Memory Infinite from Playism on the Xbox Series X. The game gives off massive Cyberpunk 2077 vibes, and just looks like an action-packed FPS worth checking out when it launches on the Xbox Series X. There's already a 40-minute prequel available on Steam if you're looking to get in on the action right away.

You can check out the trailer above, and head over to our official story on Bright Memory Infinite for more details.

Call of Sea reveal trailer

Published by Raw Fury and developed by indie studio Out of the Blue, Call of the Sea thrusts players into an FPS adventure as they step into the shoes of a woman named Nora as she searches a mysterious island. While looking for more details about her husband’s missing expedition, players will need to complete puzzles, take on challenges, and unearth the island’s secrets.

Check out our story about the Call of the Sea reveal trailer for more details.

Dirt 5 reveal trailer

The Dirt series has long stood as one of the reigning off-road racing franchises available on any platform. Now, Codemasters is set to take players on the biggest and boldest experience the series has ever seen.

Want more details on Dirt 5? Check out our original report on the upcoming game.

Madden NFL 21 Xbox Series X trailer

We all knew it was coming, but EA has officially revealed plans to bring Madden NFL 21 to the Xbox Series X. On top of that, the upcoming sports game will support a limited version of Xbox Smart Delivery, allowing you to purchase on the Xbox One (for a limited time) and play it on the Xbox Series X once it releases.

For more details on Madden NFL 21’s Xbox Series X reveal, be sure to check out our article detailing the news.

Second Extinction reveal trailer

Intense 3 player co-op set in a world of mutated dinos? Count us in. Second Extinction was yet another game to hit the streets during today's Inside Xbox.

Not too much is known about the game just yet, but the minute-long trailer that Microsoft showed off looks to scratch the itch that Turok players might be feeling right now. We'll know more as time passes. For now, check out the trailer above and be sure to read our original report on Second Extinction right here.

Chorus reveal trailer

Set to release in 2021, Chorus is a brand-new space combat shooter from the developers at Deep Silver Fishlabs. In the game players will take control of dual protagonists as they unravel a mysterious story-driven experience.

You can learn more about Chorus via our report on the game's reveal.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 cinematic trailer

Paradox Interactive has had fans on the edge of the seats for a while now, and the latest trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 doesn’t disappoint. There’s still no release date, but knowing that the game will harness the full power of the Xbox Series X is definitely something fans will find exciting.

Head over to our original coverage of the new Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 trailer for more details.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon reveal trailer

Sega continues to bring new chapters to the Yakuza franchise, and the latest reveal trailer for Yakuza: Like a Dragon has plenty of hard-hitting action for fans of the series.

Check out the trailer above and be sure to read up our full report on the new game from this morning’s briefing.

Scarlet Nexus reveal trailer

Today’s Inside Xbox gave us a bright new look at the next upcoming title from Bandai Namco. Set in an anime universe, Scarlet Nexus is looking to bring futuristic chaos to the Xbox Series X.

You can learn more about Scarlet Nexus in our original post, or check out the trailer yourself above.

Scorn reveal trailer

Developed by Ebb Software, Scorn is set to bring fans of H.R. Giger all of the sci-fi horror they could ever want. The new trailer is exciting and creepy, capturing all the right notes you’d expect from something directly inspired by H.R. Giger’s work.

Check out the trailer above or read through our original report on the trailer to learn more about Scorn.

The Medium reveal trailer

If you’re a fan of Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, or Observer_, then you’re probably going to be excited to learn that the team is working on a new game with loads of Silent Hill vibes. The Medium, which was first revealed during today’s Inside Xbox looks to capture all of the right horror notes in what we’ve seen so far.

Be sure to watch through the trailer above for more info. You can also check out our original report on The Medium if you want more information.

The Ascent reveal trailer

Fan of action RPGs? Looking for something new to sink your teeth into? Welcome to The Ascent Group, a self-contained metropolis littered with weird and spectacular creatures from all across the galaxy. The latest action RPG from Neon Giant and Curve Digital looks to offer a fun cyberpunk world for players to explore.

You can check out the trailer or head over to our original post for more details.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cinematic trailer

A lot of fans went into today’s Inside Xbox looking for more info about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Unfortunately, the trailer that Microsoft and Ubisoft showed off only offered us more cinematic goodness to dive into.

While we’re still waiting for a real gameplay trailer, the cinematics shown off here give us more great Viking vibes and show off a living, breathing world that we hope will be fun to explore. For more info, be sure to check out the trailer or head back over to our original report on the new Assassin's Creed Valhalla trailer.

That’s all the announcements, trailers, and info we saw during the May 7 Inside Xbox. Microsoft is apparently gearing up for a special stream in June to show off its first-party games, too, so we’ll have more info on that as it becomes available.

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