Bright Memory Infinite introduces FPS-action hybrid to Inside Xbox

The FPS-action hybrid known as Bright Memory Infinite is coming to Xbox Series X, appearing during Thursday's Inside Xbox.


Thursday's Inside Xbox presentation has promised a lot for the next-generation Xbox Series X. While the first-party efforts won't be revealed until July, Microsoft didn't waste much time with its third-party partners.

The Inside Xbox presentation led off with Bright Memory Infinite from publisher Playism. Built from the ground-up by a single Chinese developer, the game looks to take players into the near future, where a number of time-related anomalies begin dropping out of the sky without explanation. Players will get to the bottom of what's happening in a hybrid FPS and action environment.

Players will take on the role of a Supernatural Science Research Organization agent dispatched to deal with the rapidly-appearing time anomalies, which can come from any time. In the case of this trailer, players were dealing with 20th century soldiers and ancient Spartans while driving something straight out of Knight Rider. While players will mostly rely on firearms to get them through the day, they'll also have a grappling beam and a slew of melee weapons for up-close combat.

Bright Memory Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, as well as PC.

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