Evening Reading - May 5, 2020

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Always make sure your wine is done fermenting

That is a solid Internet video.

Don't be like this parent

This is not the way to discipline a child.

Kurt Loder is older than you at least

I remember MTV.

Wolfenstein 3D  came out on this day in 1992


Sleepy dog video

Very solid dog video from the Internet.

What about a wolf?


Honest William Pugh with a message to video game platform holders

He's right, you know.

Disney reports earnings, halts dividend payments

Disney reported a 58% drop in operating income from parks and cruises, but they did also announce they have over 33.5 million paid Disney+ subscribers. The company also made the tough decision to suspend their dividend payments for the next six months. Times are tough in the house of Mouse.

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From The Chatty
  • reply
    May 5, 2020 11:45 PM

    Asif Khan posted a new article, Evening Reading - May 5, 2020

    • reply
      May 6, 2020 1:30 AM

      Holy ducking shit. That is TERRIBLE parenting all the way around. It gave me horrible anxiety just to read that. 😳

      • reply
        May 6, 2020 8:32 AM

        Yeah that's, just so bad. I wonder if it'll get the kid to start looking into backup solutions or saving that stuff off to thumb drives or whatnot in the future. That's the best possible scenario from what his dumb fuck of a parent did.

      • reply
        May 6, 2020 9:52 AM

        Fuck yeah it is... one time my mom and I got into a fight and she ripped up one of my drawings and I had a fit like I had never thrown before... don’t destroy people’s works of art, especially your own kid’s. I was 13 and never forgot.

        Yeah that parent sucks so hard and she should feel guilty for the rest of her life. Seriously.

        • reply
          May 6, 2020 9:54 AM

          This kind of "punishment" does not reach a kid anything but that you are an asshole. I try not to do this with my kid and so far it's working out. He's only 7 but his consequences follow directly from his actions. I'd never destroy something that was his or something he made.

          Also, the parent is an asshole for making their kid get up at 7am during a fucking pandemic. Controlling much? 🙄🙄

        • reply
          May 6, 2020 9:56 AM

          Reading some of the comments in that tweet are really fucking horrible too... lots of bad people... ugh... :(

    • reply
      May 6, 2020 1:58 AM

      That's horrible.

      Would he have walked up and incinerated his folder of drawings too if he had spent a year on that?

    • reply
      May 6, 2020 2:28 AM

      Kurt Loder always looked old, though. I just assumed he was some kind of diversity hire

    • reply
      May 6, 2020 9:53 AM

      I appreciate the logo taking wearing a face mask seriously. Not enough logos are.

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