Hackers may be responsible for The Last of Us 2 leaks

New rumors going around allege that hackers may have discovered vulnerability in Naughty Dog servers from an older game to access and leak Last of Us 2.


As players and developers alike deal with the recent leaks of The Last of Us Part 2, the question remains as to how such a major leak of such a high-profile game could have happened like this. Though Sony and Naughty Dog are apparently taking action on the matter, one new rumor going around is that hackers may have accessed the Naughty Dog servers and discovered an old build of the game.

The rumors come from games journalist Jason Schreier, who apparently spoke to people close to the leak and then dropped his opinions on what he had learned on May 3, 2020. According to Schreier, it would appear that hackers may have discovered a security vulnerability at Naughty Dog from a previous game by the developers and used it to access the dev’s servers, from which they pulled a dev build of Last of Us 2. Though rumors have also gone around about disgruntled workers seeking pay, Schreier also alleges that this is untrue and that the Last of Us 2 dev team had actually received special compensation due to the COVID-19 pandemic delaying work on and launch of the game.

Though Schreier’s allegations have not been confirmed by any official sources at the time of this writing, Sony did speak to the Last of Us 2 leaks in official capacity recently. The source had apparently been identified as outside of Naughty Dog or Sony’s employment. Sony did not disclose any identity of the leaker, but mentioned that its actions were ongoing in the investigation of the leak’s source.

Despite the fact that the damage is done and the leaks are out there, Naughty Dog has asked that players and fans stay sensible to avoid them, or avoid spoiling the story for others. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it seems it’s going to be quite the gauntlet for fans wishing to remain unspoiled as we approach the launch of Last of Us 2 in June 2020.

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