Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Dec 28, 2007 6:10am PST Good morning everyone, hope this Friday finds you well. Many people are still home with their families and such, so to call news slow is an understatement. Instead, you've pretty much just got me. So sorry. :( Results for the holiday contest should be up in a couple hours. My computer decided that maybe a dying hard drive would make things more fun, which I admit is pretty awesome!

So what are you guys playing this weekend? I'll give a Call of Duty 4 t-shirt randomly to someone who posts in the thread. Oh, and this gallery should populate itself with some good shacker creations over the next couple hours if you would like to take that in.

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  • yay posting from an iPhone. I'm waiting on my friend to get here so he can let me in his apartment. He'probably an hour away :(
    so'm sitting here in my car browsing the shack and I have the iPhone sort of sitting in my lap. I notice a guy getting his groceries out of his car and he gives me strange look. I then realize from outside of the car it just looks like I am staring at my crotch. So I make sure to hold up the phone next time he walks
    Also GPRS connections suck, is there a version of the shack that won't break when I click comment?