Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Dec 28, 2007 6:10am PST Good morning everyone, hope this Friday finds you well. Many people are still home with their families and such, so to call news slow is an understatement. Instead, you've pretty much just got me. So sorry. :( Results for the holiday contest should be up in a couple hours. My computer decided that maybe a dying hard drive would make things more fun, which I admit is pretty awesome!

So what are you guys playing this weekend? I'll give a Call of Duty 4 t-shirt randomly to someone who posts in the thread. Oh, and this gallery should populate itself with some good shacker creations over the next couple hours if you would like to take that in.

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  • BBC HD's Galapagos Series

    Looking on the AVS Forums, this is supposed to be one of the best looking HD DVDs out there. The picture quality is quite superb, but my god - it really is inferior to anything attenborough has done. The voice over is essentially kate blanchet from the beginning of LOTR, with text even in the same font as LOTR - i assume this is intended. My biggest problem is that in between the amazing vista's and cool scenes, the filler is really dull. The same spiel about volcano's gets said about 6 times in the first episode, so when you are riding on number 20 in the third episode - you get a bit bored.

    Have to say though, so god damn pleased by the ending. Never expected:
    Some dude with an assault rifle hanging out of a helicopter shooting goats. Really.... Wow.