Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Dec 28, 2007 6:10am PST Good morning everyone, hope this Friday finds you well. Many people are still home with their families and such, so to call news slow is an understatement. Instead, you've pretty much just got me. So sorry. :( Results for the holiday contest should be up in a couple hours. My computer decided that maybe a dying hard drive would make things more fun, which I admit is pretty awesome!

So what are you guys playing this weekend? I'll give a Call of Duty 4 t-shirt randomly to someone who posts in the thread. Oh, and this gallery should populate itself with some good shacker creations over the next couple hours if you would like to take that in.

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  • Since I've been lounging the last few days I've watched a lot of Discovery Channel, and they seem to be readying us (the viewers) for a few new shows. Holy god do the new shows look like shit. Sure I will give them a chance but for instance the new "Fight Quest" show looks just like Human Weapon on History Channel and I hate Human Weapon.

    For that matter, I was watching HIstory channel yesterday also and they kept showing commercials for some show which is basically Worlds Wildest Videos because they have some race car crashing and its the worst crash ever and some house blows up and the firefighter is right next to it. How is this historical? Who gives a shit about some drag race? I want more HISTORY and more SCIENCE STUFF and less some guy talking about some gun for an hour or some guys blowing up a car and testing some stupid thing regarding that.

    P.S. Canceling I SHOULDN'T BE ALIVE still pisses me off Discovery of the "entertainment" esque shows on the Discovery Channel I reall yliked.