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    By: Visceral Monkey
    Hola everyone. It's time again for another one of my hardware purges (especially considering I just built a new desktop)

    Looking for a solid gaming laptop for you or the kiddos? I have you covered. As an added bonus, I will throw in a free AW mouse and Headset as well.

    One white Alienware x17 R2 Laptop
    i9-12900HK CPU
    NVIDIA 3080Ti Laptop GPU
    32 Gigs of RAM
    17.3 FHD Screen (1920x1080 with 360 Hz Refresh Rate)
    1 TB Drive

    Headset: AW920H Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Headset
    Mouse: AW720M

    Asking price: $900 plus shipping.
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    By: fadetofunk
    Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth

    I'm on the cusp of getting the platinum trophy for FF7: Rebirth. All the VR missions are done and I just have to clean up some collectables here and there. I'm sitting at about 188 hours played. I do not recommend this for any sane individual.
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    By: johnhead

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    By: kikilupo
    Shout out to Secretlab for having awesome Customer Service.

    The tilt mechanism broke in my chair that I got in 2020, a piece of metal broke off and the plastic cover on the bottom base is popped off where it was. Now my chair will tilt fully forward instead of stopping where I set it. Not the end of the world but I decided to see if I could buy the broken piece and swap it out.

    Hit up the chat box on the website and 40 minutes later I have a confirmation email telling me that Secretlab is sending me a whole bottom replacement for my chair. Free of charge, dont have to pay for shipping.
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    By: CrustaR
    Is it like an MMO? MMOs blow arse
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    By: Masem
    In addition to previously setting rules for PFAS limits in drinking water systems, EPA is now ruling that two key PFAS (PFOA and PFOS) as hazardout chemicals, which will now require companies that use or make these to monitor their releases, as well as allowing areas drastrically affected by those chemicals as Superfund sites.
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    By: Conan
    Huh. I have some weird game controllers, but I didn't realize this was even a thing:

    I guess if we get HOTAS setups this makes sense, too.
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    By: beepboopbeep
    maybe your neighbor just farted really loud.
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    By: hatchet165
    I feel like they took the worst parts of Fallout 4 and made it it's own game. I played for a few hours and put it down
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    By: fadetofunk
    Have you ever thought "Man, it'd be cool if Geralt of Rivea and Jack Reacher were in WW2 and just killed the living shit out of Nazis"

    Well good news my frens. "The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare" came out yesterday and it's a hell of a fun ride. Anyone who complains about there being no sequel to "The Man from Uncle" should go see it. This is the closest we'll ever get to that.

    GO SEE IT!!

    Yes there are explosions, many many explosions