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    By: jdcope
    whoo boy, this is a hot take. And people listen to and believe this shit.

    “This is going to be very controversial,” Lively said, “but the women’s right to vote—the 19th Amendment—was actually a product of the Soviet Bolshevik revolution that was transported here to the United States in the 1920s.”

    “I’m not talking about taking away women’s right to vote,” Lively quickly added. “I’m just saying let me ask a question here: Would the voters of 1920—of course, these were all men—and would the women who were urging their husbands to vote have voted for the 19th Amendment if they knew that the highest achievement of women’s right to vote in the minds of women in 2020 would be the slaughtering of unborn babies?”

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    By: Zuchu
    Visited my parents last night, they're both in real estate and apparently the well-off (read: very rich) are flocking to the Aspens/Vails/Park Citys of the country to buy housing and move as a response to the virus. They went on to say how "people are escaping the libtard states because of the virus" and listed Texas and Ohio as examples of "libtard states". On top of being astounded that my 68 year old parents speak like 13 year old 4channers now, the profound inability to think through what they are saying and not just regurgitating what they obviously heard from a talking head on fox news adds new worry to the election.
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    By: Maddog_Delphi97
    Juicing Adderall
    (Video with sound)
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    By: Downforce
    combine that with their other favorite thing: removing health care

    A record 5.4 million people lost their health coverage amid the pandemic, a study found.

    The coronavirus pandemic stripped an estimated 5.4 million Americans of their health insurance between February and May, a stretch in which more adults became uninsured because of job losses than have ever lost coverage in a single year, according to a new analysis.

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    By: Megara9
    A bottle of Italian soda exploded in our kitchen so I have been picking up glass and wiping things down all day. Pretty sure this mess has turned me against open shelving for good. The cats love it though as I have the doors open to the deck so they can run in and out (and escape my cleaning playlist of cheesy 80’s songs).

    How’s everyone else doing?
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    By: drodver
    I picked up an over ripe watermelon out the pantry. The bottom fell out and a whole watermelon's guts drop on the floor.

    Spent an hour cleaning it up. Roommate comes home immediately after 'why's it smell like watermelon?'
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    By: digital_d
    2020 continues to show that yes, it can get worse. RIP Grant Imahara.
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    By: abrasion
    You're not talking about the guy who cooks and cleans for you everyday wth your broken foot are you? Little Crip Crip?
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    By: cltcprd
    They make over $20k per video from Patreon (last time I checked)
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    By: Masem
    More details emerging from the Ubisoft mess. Looks like most tied to the HR department letting the creatives heads be and ignoring complaints against them.

    telling bits:

    Every complaint brought to HR about toxic behaviour, harassment or sexual misconduct was met with remarks such as "They're creatives, that's how they work" or "If you can't work with him, maybe it's time you go," Libération reported. (Liberation is the French paper that broke the story)

    Another source explained that Ubisoft's approach was to bury issues and wait for things to wane. In 2015, there was an attempt to create a code of conduct. But it was watered down by HR managers. The code of conduct was also prevented from touching upon what would happen in a case of harassment from a manager, because it was deemed "too pessimistic and employees would then believe that it can happen."

    The article also touched upon whether or not Yves Guillemot was aware of the situation. An anonymous source reported that, in 2019, Cécile Cornet said that "Yves is fine with a toxic management team as long as the results coming from these managers exceed their toxicity." She also reportedly said that Ubisoft is a company that believes in second chances but also "in third chances, or more, if it's key personnel." However, the article mentioned that the recent wave of allegations was a wake up call for Yves Guillemot, who according to Catherine told his teams that he wanted to be personally informed about every case going forward.

    Since Libération's first in-depth article unearthing Ubisoft's toxic culture, the situation has aggravated for women at Ubisoft, one testified: "The reactions at the various studios have been extreme. All the managers have been asked to talk to employees, but they only do it because they have to. They're still convinced it is detrimental to their freedom. They're calling it a 'witch hunt.' In addition to everything else, as women, we became a threat. It's far from being pleasant."

    Ugh, not good at Ubi. They absolutely need to do house cleaning here rather than game development for a time. You can't run a company this way.