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    By: waxthirteen
    I work at a screen print/embroidery company. The best sellers for the high-end blanks are brands like Bella+Canvas, District, and New Era. Search for BC3909, DT800, and NEA526 respectively. If you want something really heavyweight, go with Carharrt (CT100614). Don’t bother with other brands that are probably just rebranding these blanks and then charging you for their marketing.
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    By: Don Vito Corleone
    Old Shack - now that I'm 50, I have scheduled my shingles vaccine shot(#1). My wife was saying she remembers getting fairly sick from it(including some fevering). How was the experience for everyone else? So far, my Covid shots have resulted in nothing more than a sore arm, but my Google search isn't giving me much hope on this one.
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    By: Schnapple
    It’s not quite that but some dude did reverse engineer the code for the first two games and made modern operating system source ports for them

    I link to them here for Mac

    Here’s links to them, he has Windows, Linux, Android and iOS (!) ports as well
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    By: phantomnova
    At this point releasing the people Israel has imprisoned would result in a lot of damaging truth about abuse and sexual assault of women and children in Israeli prison at scale that would undermine a lot of the October 7th-derived accusations used to massacre people. But it's cool though, those children and other noncombatants deserve it.

    The interviews of people who have been released, as well as the before and after pictures of doctors seized by the IDF, and interviews with children who obviously deserved military justice for resisting, continue to make the Israeli government look like the Khmer Rouge, among others.

    At least this helps us all identify the people who will tolerate ethnic cleansing as long as they have a slim effervescent pretense of harm borne from resistance, a long standing American and western European position. Guess it's cool that they're liquidating this ghetto, that they're relocating the natives from this intentionally undersupported reservation. It's totally fine that the people put in positions of authority casually murder them. Manifest destiny. They're coming right for us, got no choice but to murder and then take trophies.