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    By: fishbone
    Yeah, truth right here. I gave away a garage fridge a few years ago. The fridge worked great, I was just replacing it with another one that I got from my parents.

    A dude showed up with a trailer from a town about 20 minutes south, and it was like his brain was so hardwired to get a better deal that he was trying to haggle with me. On a free fucking fridge! He was complaining about the gas it took to get there, asking if there were any extras I could throw in…eventually I jokingly asked “are you trying to get me to pay YOU for getting a free fridge?” and his face lit up like I was seriously offering to pay him.

    Fucking jokers. If you’re ever tempted to list something for free, list it for $10 and then accept any offer from the creature that shows up to get it.
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    By: rosewood
    I’m just walking through the house and the 5 year old has Frozen paused in the TV…
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    By: ColoradoCNC
    I was too lazy to turn on my laptop and load up Stable Diffusion, but I'm surprisingly happy with what Bing gave me!
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    By: EvilDolemite
    if you've left twitter for threads, be warned that the Grind Bros are starting to appear

    lol, when you quantify it as only 104 weekend days per year, it seems like so few, too! how 'bout 52 more?
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    By: nurglich

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    By: Nighteyes
    I put about as much effort into this as it looks:
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    By: sanchez
    Found gmd's Corvette.

    Parked crooked in a handicap spot with no placard too.
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    By: i38warhawk
    Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside-down,

    Born in Scotland 400 years back,
    In the Highlands, I learned to hack.
    Chillin' out, sword fightin', actin' all cool,
    Battling' other clans outside of the burgh.

    Then, a couple of guys, up to no good, started taking heads in my neighborhood. I got in one little fight, and my mentor got killed,
    he said, 'You should move away before more blood is spilled .'
    I didn't want to leave this was my home, but my friends started aging day after day,
    So I packed my sword and got on my way.

    I whistled for a horse, and when it came near,
    The saddle said 'Immortal,' and it had claymore gear.
    If anything, I could say that this was quite profound,
    But I thought, 'Nah, forget it, off to Holy Ground.'

    I pulled up to the church about seven or eight,
    And I yelled to my horsey, 'Farewell, my mate.'
    I looked at my new home while I put up my hair,
    To train with my immortal homies as the Highlander there.
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    By: mlev
    I had almost this exact same experience except giving away a dresser.

    It was on the side of the road and this dude just stops before I even list it, so it’s not like he even went out of his way. He asked me about it and I told him the bottoms of one of the drawers was drooping and he starts complaining about it and looking like he wanted to haggle and I just shrugged and I’m like idk man it’s free, take it or leave it.

    He asked how he would get it home (had like a Buick sedan) and I jokingly told him to have his buddy sit on top of the car and hold it.

    I peeked out the window 5 minutes later and that’s fucking exactly what they were doing.
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    By: Masem
    Trump wants all Democrats to resign due to Menendez.