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    By: The Grolar Bear
    Honestly not trying to hog the spotlight when I say this, but I guess it would be working on the Covid vaccine (though the actual experience was a nightmare and I have no fond memories). It also inspired me to pursue a degree in epidemiology which I just started this year.
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    By: jcutner
    Say hello to the newest little shacker, Elora!

    She's a good little girl, happy in her babybjorn carrier so I can still play Phantom Liberty!
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    By: TheArtMan
    The new Factorio will destroy any of my free time. I’m not I’m responsible enough for this
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    By: Modica Solis
    Someone asked why I keep playing Baldur's Gate 3, what with all my criticisms, and last night I was reminded of exactly why!

    I've fought the gnolls by the cave like, 8 times now, after plenty of new characters and reloads. Sometimes, it's gone well. Other times, it's been a disaster, mostly because Flind can be a real motherfucker when he gets going.

    Last night, I roll up with my Four Elements Monk, Life Domain Shadowheart, Berserker Karlach, and Battlemaster Lae'zel, all 3rd Level. I got my Hot Hands going on my Monk, beating the shit outta dudes from elevation, then Lae'zel Mobile Flourishes me to get down to the ground and Hot Hands--Flurry of Blow to one-hit KO a full-health gnoll. I got Bless going on everyone, including on Shadowheart's Spiritual Weapon, which is up in the mix Dazing Flind so there's no attacks of opportunity. Lae'zel is Tripping folks for Mr. Monk and Karlach to just go NUTS on.

    I took maybe two hits total before it was time to go after Flind himself. I surrounded his ass, kept him Dazed or Prone, and absolutely wrecked his shit.

    I love the combat in this game. As someone who lives, breaths, shits D&D, it's the combat where this game shines. The RP, lore, setting, world—it's fine and occasionally great, in my opinion, and I bet I'd like it better if I didn't have three great weekly D&D groups (and one that's very mediocre, but oh well). But the combat? Chef's kiss.

    I wish I could get that mod to increase party size. I hate having to pick between all these companions :(((
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    By: Masem
    AOC describes why the passage of this 45-day extension is a win-win
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    By: sikander
    Went for a hike in the woods
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    By: ColoradoCNC
    Quitting drinking. It didn't solve all my problems by any means, but it made the ones that remain infinitely more manageable.
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    By: beastrabban
    holy moley - I know the shack hates U2 but you guys really need to check out the livestreams people are putting on youtube for the grand opening concert at the Vegas Ball.. it's trippy as fuck and I really wish I was there right now.

    the audio cuts out on this badly mid-way through but it's a great representation of what you see inside

    this guy's channel has some better video but he's in a different spot/perspective
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    By: Masem

    Jack Smith's team has filed a new motion in the DC case that specifically calls out Trump's gun shop photo antics and points out that is a federal crime either way you can read it.

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    By: aurealis
    I have this fake fur blanket that’s really soft and authentic feeling. I bought it during the height of GoT and call it my direwolf pelt

    When I play Skyrim during those winter months, I’ll open my window a bit to let in the cold air, then take off my shirt and drape the blanket over my shoulders for that extra immersion. My wife rightfully finds me ridiculous