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    By: gameindustryplant
    Update total success they reopened an artery and they think one of the other bypass grafts on another artery they thought was closed was actually open so he’s got 3/3 arteries now great success Yayy
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    By: stophelping37

    I know, lame thing to share, but that’s what I got!
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    By: jayacheess
    My wife is a Canadian citizen today! Take that, USA. I've stolen one of your women!

    It was actually really nice ceremony. It was on a giant zoom call, with 120 other people, but it was much less anti climactic than I'd feared it might be.
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    By: EvilDolemite
    Contra (arcade) was released 37 years ago today:

    Fun fact: the cover art for the NES release features two characters, presumed to be ripoffs of Arnold and Sly. But they're both just Arnold!
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    By: bill crystals
    Shack I feel like you should know about this Army of Darkness lookin ass game
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    By: ErneX
    Praise the Erdtree!

    Elden Ring DLC trailer today (3 minutes length)
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    By: gameindustryplant
    My dad is going in for this crazy surgery today to clear a blockage in one of his arteries that has him aging 20 years older suddenly. They go in from two separate arteries, snake through all these small blood vessels (like twisty turny 1mm thick), and then approach the blockage from both sides and I believe carve a new channel for a stent (or two stents) in the side wall of his artery. Like .3mm precision. It’s insane fine work all done in 2-3 hrs by a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. I think this stuff is like all this guy does, and even he was like wow this is a crazy complex case, this is going to be very hard..I give you 90% odds though cause I’m the best.

    His local South Carolina cardiologists basically were planning to leave my dad to get worse and worse and die in 4-5 years of heart failure and one of his neighbors said screw this call my former colleague the head of them heart failure team at the best heart hospital in the world. So we called the regular scheduling line and the call center person got us an appointment and a few weeks and an annoying travel day later in wheelchair there he was talking to like the best people in the world.

    I guess my reason for posting is like screw your local doctors, if your parents have something serious do whatever you have to do to get them to one of the best research hospitals. In their case their insurance couldn’t care less if they got care in SC or in Ohio. My parents are blown away and see the light now that this stuff is just too important to not go find the best folks.
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    By: cruncht1me
    Wife got about 25k disbursed last week. 10 year PSLF finally working. Thanks Biden
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    By: Masem
    Ten country law enforcement action ends the world's largest ransomware group
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    By: paulatreus
    Riva TNT

    It was the first time a competitor really was able to challenge 3dfx and the Voodoo cards, and was especially awesome because it helped loosen the stranglehold 3dfx had on the industry with their proprietary Glide API and let the industry move into open 3D/API standards instead of a bunch of proprietary vendor-specific API's.