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    By: jbt11
    Thanks thwtb for Shacknews, chatty, and Shackmas first time I won! Now we can play together and this is just her size too. I know I don’t post a lot, but enjoy Chatty and Shackmeets...Las Vegas and Disneyworld. I’m at Disneyland now and will try to do selfie
    Saturday having breakfast in Batuu.
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    The winner of the first Nintendo Switch giveaway is...


    Who posted, "Hells yeah. Merry shackmas"

    Please SM me your name and address so I can get the Switch shipped to you.

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    By: Megara9
    THANKS EVERYBODY!! Had some great fun, got a killer knife from RaptorII (dude trusted me with it in public and everything) and some craft distillery akvavit from another friend. There was Swedish princess cake and Feats of Strength. I’ve been invited to a DnD campaign which I might check out, too. And I got to meet nwillard! Good times 😁
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    By: Megara9
    Was fun! Thanks you guys!!

    Also here is the pic of nwillard and Mr.9 arm wrestling.
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    By: voodooraze

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    By: ninjase
    Poll finds Graham with just 2-point lead on Democratic challenger

    Please baby yoda make this happen
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    By: boring gegtik
    hells yeah.. xmas gift acquired. my buddy and I spent so much of our high school after hours money on this bad boy
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    By: OzzieMejia

    First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for thinking really hard and putting their heads together for what's sure to be an awesome Shacknews Chatty Game of the Decade list. I'm going the count those votes this weekend and we'll start counting those down on Monday.

    But as TMWTB has reminded me, we're also doing Game of the Year at Shacknews and, as has been tradition, we like to count Chatty's vote, as well. Unfortunately, I've eaten up a lot of the time on Game of the Decade, so we're going to make things both a little easier and a little shorter this year.

    Okay, so I have a Google Form asking for your Top 5 of 2019. Hopefully with everything fresh in mind from The Game Awards and everything else, you have your best games in mind. I will ask for five, but I want to be extra, EXTRA lenient this year. I'm only going to ask you for TWO games this year. I will only require your Game of the Year and your runner-up. If you CHOOSE to give me your Top 5, you're a scholar and a saint, but because this is running on such short notice, I'm not going to require it.

    Here's how the votes will be weighted:

    #1 - 10 points
    #2 - 8 points
    #3 - 5 points
    #4 - 3 points
    #5 - 1 point

    There is a Chatty handle question at the end. Duplicate votes are tossed.

    Restrictions do apply. No DLCs, no Early Access, no last-gen remasters, no episodic games that have not ended by the end of 2019 (which does mean that Life is Strange 2 and The Walking Dead: The Final Season ARE eligible), and ONLY games originally released this year (sorry, Red Dead 2)!

    If you forgot what came out this year, we have our full Vidoe Game Release Date Schedule for 2019 as a valuable resource.

    You have until MONDAY, DECEMBER 16 at 9PM PT, which means you have to THINK FAST! Apologies for the late notice, but we'll be back to normal next year! To help make up for this, here's Keith Lee trucking the shit out of Adam Cole.

    Here's your link:

    I hope to bask in your collective glory very soon.
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    By: plunkymeadows
    My wife just told me that that was almost my Xmas present this year. She's convinced that her brainwaves made it happen.
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    By: dael
    Christmas party time
    In the same sweater you all liked last selfie Saturday