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    By: ninjase
    The human body can typically tolerate anywhere between 4-5 G’s. Moving our entire network to 5G is dangerous and reckless because while most people can tolerate 4G’s pretty well, adding an extra G can be enough to push them over the edge, especially young children and people with a lot of toxins
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    By: Zero|DPX
    No one is stopping the public from writing their own networks of bots, if they truly want the tickets that much.

    Let's say you decided to be altruistic and buy all the tickets with your botnet, then resell them to "normal people" at cost. How are you going to exclude the scalpers and their bots from your reselling? Put another way, if you try to use laws or enforcement mechanisms to prevent resale of tickets, how exactly would you go about doing so effectively?
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    By: edgewise
    Cream of Sum Yung Gai
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    By: mysled
    I’ll vote for any blue that wins, just not Sanders.
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    By: paulatreus
    I'm not sure if this is ok to post or not...but maybe NWS?

    After working here for almost 2 years, I just happened to notice this under my desk.

    Please someone tell me this isn't what I think it is?!?!? Am I just being paranoid? What would you guys do? It's not like I want to go to my boss and say I think someone jizzed all over my desk, but I am thoroughly fucking grossed out right now.
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    By: JT
    In your dreams knock off
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    By: boring gegtik
    divorce your wife and marry your kanban board
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    By: paulatreus
    Not my desk? I fucking wish!!!
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    By: lolpatrol
    Well now it just looks like you're doing some tribute photo. Gross.
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    By: AluminumMallard
    5G towers. Is there cause for health risk concern? A new one went up across the street from my kids’ school and parents are FLIPPING OUT.

    My natural assumption is people are reactionary, paranoid, and need to calm down. But a tad bit of googling indicates there are a lot of unknowns here.

    Allay my concerns?