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    He's usually looking deep into my eyes.
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    guy took fry's 2019 ass-eating campaign too far
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    My ideal woman:
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    AOC, still a delight:
    All your base (are) belong to us

    > In a new poll, even 45% of self-identified Republicans approved of
    >@AOC's 70% top marginal tax rate
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    New lookitzpancakes music video

    Twerk on the bus. LMAO.
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    By: dognose
    Sometimes it is the little things in life that make you REAL fucking happy :)

    I was out and about running some errands and suddenly I needed some ramen really bad, so I went to a little Japanese/Korean restaurant, the owner recognized me and called me by name when I walked in! The place was kind of jumping because Saturday I guess, on the left side of the place it was a bunch of white people, and on the right side was a large group of Korean people. There was empty tables near both groups. The owner showed me to a seat and table on the right and so I got to sit over with the Korean people!

    I left a 50% tip
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    By: mikefr24
    We had a guy at work yesterday get fired because he actually bit a woman employee on the ass.

    I work in a manufacturing plant and for the longest time we have never had any women working on the shop floor. I don't know why I guess we never had any women that were interested? Anyways the past year we have hired several ladies working on the machines and they do just fine. Yesterday one of the girls was bent way over reaching inside the machine and of course one of the guys went over there immediately to mess with her. yup - he bit her on the ass and did not smack her ass like you would think. Both would get you fired anyways but he chose biting.

    HR reviewed the cameras an he was terminated for sexual harassment. Today of course all the operators know the story and are joking around all day about biting people. I even saw some of those wind up walking teeth toys going.


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    By: EvilDolemite
    strange that few women have been interested in working there