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Created by Thom W.
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    By: exigence7
    You are getting argued with a lot but what you are saying sounds very reasonable to me.
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    By: kallanta

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    By: nurglich
    Yer an economist, Harry!
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    By: pulsedrive
    Who is going to figure out that the Jenkins CI-CD pipeline is failing because of some bug introduced into a dependency of a dependency of a dependency maintained by EdGeLoRd50CeNt_69696969 who hasn't committed anything in 6 years with over 1000 outstanding PRs.
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    By: ninjase
    Oh shit differences in taste is a Covid symptom

    That was fast….. rip :(
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    By: Thresher
    This is why I seldom respond to political threads anymore. The Shack collective isn't nearly as enlightened as it thinks it is, myself included.

    I fucking love how the Shack collective is all about reason, science, and evidence when rebutting right wing talking points, but is okay with jumping to conclusions when the facts aren't all in and it suits their purposes.

    Slow the roll. There is a lot more that's going to come out. We do not know as much as you seem to think we do and more information is going to come out. It may reinforce your conclusions, it may not, but at least we'll be making informed judgments. I am not changing the way I evaluate things just because I am not a big fan of authority figures.

    Read my history, I'm one of the original Shacknews lefties. But after being burned a million times by things I thought I "knew" simply because it confirmed my biases, I try really hard to just wait until the facts are in. Patience is what we need. Especially if this shows how bad police can be, because it has a chance of getting to the "Blue Lives Matter" crowd. Rash decisions and judgments just harden everyone's opinions.

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    By: theghostofsmdever
    I have been super depressed all week so I got really baked and did some Simpsons drawings on my Wacom. Remember alf? He's back in acid form.
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    By: BouillonCubes
    In other news, I got ghosted by a recruiter. She said she wanted to speak on the phone and I said "How does 11am mountain time work for you?" and she replied "I've never heard that term, can you please explain." I clarified "12cst" and she never responded lol.
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    By: focusdaily
    Beach wedding baybeeeeee
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    By: FreshwaterAU
    Aren't you constantly worried about tyrants though?!?!!