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    By: jason bergman
    The real failure of this administration (and all of politics, really) is the failure to cultivate a new generation of politicians. They all just cling to power for decades and decades. It's not that they're physically old, it's that their point of view is old. You have all these people who still think you can raise a family on minimum wage, because you could when they were young.

    But yeah, I'm gonna vote for him, reluctantly, a second time. I never wanted him, but there's no viable alternative.
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    By: [deleted] 1446203067
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    By: boarder2
    Yep, I'm done with Edge again, back to Firefox for personal use. Too much forced bullshit that's designed to give up more and more of my browsing habits to Microsoft.

    It's a damn shame because it was a really nice browser up until a year or so ago.
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    By: Masem
    Meanwhile, Japan has it right: forced participation in religious events to be considered child abuse.
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    By: boarder2
    Delete Twitter.
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    Domino's is the best chain pizza I think. Its reliable and consistent.
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    By: FunkytownP
    “Oh no this guy who actually gives a shit and has done real stuff to help us has a stuttering problem! Quick let’s vote for a total piece of shit instead!” - voters in your mind

    The Republican Party is a toxic mix of ignorant, racist, selfish assholes and so are their supporters. The GOP made the mistake of showing their true selves and Americans want none of their shit. Entire generations to come will rightfully never support them again. The only reason they are even slightly relevant is because they broke all the rules and norms and have cheated their way into their current position. Take your ageist bullshit and get bent.
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    By: Kub666
    It makes you a person who did not read or understand the article.
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    By: thecatinthehat
    No this is as wrong as blues bother 2000. Just leave us with pleasant memories of the original rather than soil it with a modern adaptation.
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    By: dognose
    Somebody else please.