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    By: TotalFusionOne
    Every interaction I've had with you paints you as a cool dude. I hope the times you've remembered me are the same.

    So, from one cool dude to another: do not do this.

    A) there's no reason to do this for anyone. You don't owe them anything. Anyone who says they are owed for whatever reason they can come up with: They weren't in it for you, they were in it to be part of the story.

    2) there's no reason to do this for yourself, if you feel a need to unburden, you know you can do it anonymously. You know it's right to do this anonymously. You know that you're not supposed to celebrate the exciting yet detrimental points in your life.

    vi) there are evil people in the world and you can't control where they post, where they lurk, there they might find after you have already unburdened and, no, maybe you can't be in legal trouble anymore. But you can be seen as anathema to random groups of horrifically interested into personal life instead of results people. And that's not something you should have to deal with on top of everything you've accomplished.

    Jingle, you don't have to do this. There's no reason to do this. Be the cooler person and say "shit happened, I've become better, and look what I can do now."
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    By: stgdz
    I don't want to work today.
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    By: Dravenport
    kneejerk crybaby account deletes should come with consequences in order to teach people to be more adult in the future
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    The Border Patrol is the American SS

    This is not a comparison I make lightly. The SS, of course, was the Nazi Party’s elite paramilitary, made up of ideological diehards who oversaw and carried out some of the regime’s worst crimes. In particular, it included the overseers of concentration and death camps, the SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV)­ — literally, the “Death’s Head Units.” But, as a Jew whose family was murdered in the Holocaust, I feel especially responsible for taking the historical lessons of that era and applying them to this urgent moment.

    There’s a reason that the SS ran the Nazi camps: they were true believers. Since the first concentration camp, Dachau, was built in March 1933, it was only the ideologically pure Nazi paramilitary who were to be trusted with overseeing them. Given their crucial role in abusing and murdering racial enemies, LGBT people, “enemies of the Reich” (including Communists and socialists), and “asocials” (including pacifists and draft dodgers), these camps had to be run by those who deeply believed in dehumanizing of their victims.

    “Dehumanizing” may be the best word to describe the words and actions of CBP officers. At every level — from the senior staff that send immigrants to concentration camps instead of open shelters to the officers who joke about people dying in their custody to the guards who intentionally torment detainees — CBP is an agency whose very essence is about the dehumanization of immigrants.
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    By: greenbergMD
    It’s the best Spider-Man movie of all time.
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    By: grandmasterlee
    because you sounded like a colossal asshole, don’t pin this on a “shacknews thing.” The “shacknews thing” is for you to say “hey sorry this came off wrong and I carried it on too long and didn’t mean it sorry.”. then people hug and we carry on.
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    By: johnhead
    DO. NOT. DO. THIS.

    Ask a real attorney, and they would tell you not to do this.

    As someone who contributed to your journey, all I need is for you to not fuck up again and live your life well. I don't need the details. Cause guess what, I could do enough with google-fu to figure it all out. So who cares?

    Sharing personal info like this online is BAD NEWS. You want to stream games - awesome. Don't stream your life dude.

    PLEASE for the love of Lola and Shack and the site that gets you chicks/dicks/bad Chinese food recommendations - let it go.
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    By: skinlab133
    Yeah, no. Republicans have already shown they have no problem with child rape.
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    By: Sole.exe
    You know what would be better than all of that. Remove a few seats to add enough leg room for someone to sit comfortably.
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    By: redfive
    User was banned for this post