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    By: EvilDolemite
    congrats, you're now an endpoint engineer - put it on your resume and emphasize the results your custom solutions brought to the company.
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    By: the city
    yeah. you knew the guy was gonna be white without clicking, too

    “they just had a horrible tragedy. what a great travel opportunity!”
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    By: [deleted] 1290958246
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    By: The Grolar Bear
    Fuck those assholes.
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    By: EvilDolemite
    New study of almost 600,000 deaths in Ohio and Florida shows that registered Republicans had far higher excess-death rates than registered Democrats during the pandemic, with almost all of the gap coming after vaccines were available.

    The study shows there was no difference in excess deaths between Dem and GOP voters in 2018 and early 2020 (control). And there was no real gap pre-vaccine. But beginning spring 2021, and accelerating w/Delta Republicans began dying at a significantly higher rate.

    Right-wing media is quite literally bad for your health. Media might try to both-sides it, but there's not much risk in eating vegan sausage vs. not getting a life-saving vaccine.
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    By: Conan
    "Plays PC games poorly on the go" is such a ridiculous way of describing it.
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    By: derelict515
    Elon, famously polite and concerned with civility, is posting pro Russian war plans to his 100m followers because he absolutely cannot resist the idea that he’s the smartest man on the planet and expert in all topics. He should absolutely get roasted instead of coddled. If this was some anon account posting pro Russia plans and getting shit on you never would’ve dreamed of saying people should stop being mean to them. You wouldn’t have thought twice about some random idiot on Twitter spouting off about a topic they don’t understand and getting appropriately shit on. But since it’s world’s smartest richest man he deserves the kid gloves even though his idiotic statements are far more damaging and dangerous than the anon’s he likes to parrot.
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    By: rosewood
    That ship is sinking. I don't want to be mean because I suspect that if in 2015 I got a Facebook level salary, I'd have had a hard time walking away from that money. But I couldn't imagine still working there after everything that has come out from 2015 to today. Hell, there was problematic stuff before that but to still be working for them in 2022? I just don't get it.

    So I think that has to be a massive part of this. And if they haven't lost staff to attrition, with as much money as they are losing right now I can't imagine that they aren't looking at layoffs.
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    By: redshak
    I went from going to GameSpot / GB almost daily years ago to just never visiting either site anymore. Most game news I pick up from here or randomly checking Eurogamer
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    By: daggot
    I'm not surprised by these moves any more. There's just so much R&D and overhead to maintain an in-house engine. Unless you're really able to share that cost with other internal projects to recoup the upfront expense, it makes more sense to me to use an established engine like U5. Also a larger pool of talent with UE experience so you're not having to train up on proprietary tech.