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    By: mojoald
    Trump Dump: Presidents Defense Day Edition

    Not that it matters to the results of the ‘trial’, but we get to see Trumps team mount their defense today.

    Not a huge fan, but Bill Maher nailed it:

    No matter what President Trump does, he will get a full exoneration from the Senate Republicans. And therein lies the difference between this impeachment trial and the Clinton impeachment trial: The Clinton trial began with a presidential blowjob. This one will end with one.
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    By: wtf242
    my wife's friend is in town for Chinese new years and she really wanted to go to Uchiko, a fancy and expensive japanese restaurant, here in Austin so she made reservations for last night for 3 people back 2 months ago. So another of my wife's friends and her sister both wanted to go so the reservation got changed from 3 people to 5.

    So we go and have a nice dinner, and they bring the check and nobody fucking says anything or does anything at all. I didn't want to cause a scene, because there was already a bunch of drama going on. so I ended up paying for it after a couple of minutes.

    Man I would feel like a super shitty person if I made reservations for a nice dinner, invited a bunch of people, and then didn't even attempt to pay for any of it. I didn't even get a "Thanks for dinner" out of it. Nothing.

    anyway, happy CHINESE NEW YEARS! Don't sweep your floors today or something.
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    By: Masem
    Wired covers just this random guy in the video game journalism area.
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    By: Milleh
    Selfie Saturday!

    Hanging out with the kids this morning, might play some Yoshis Crafted World with glasses

    Wife and I started Witcher last night, super cheesey, but the choreography is fantastic and I'm a huge fan of the franchise so I can't resist! I feel like with a little more maturity, better editing, and a slower pace this could turn into a great series.

    Playing AssCreed Blackflag and Children of Morta on Switch when I can, Rage 2 and Resident Evil 2 on PC.

    What's everyone playing these days? What are you doing today?

    Post your faces and have an awesome day Shacknews!!!!

    Congratulations ThomW!!!!!
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    By: Shacknews
    Asif Khan posted a new article, <a target="_blank" href="/article/115995/evening-reading-january-24-2020">Evening Reading - January 24, 2020</a>
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    By: redfive
    Caught an accident on my dashcam yesterday

    Drivers were okay (other guy stops out of frame).
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    By: shirif
    The first Soldier of Fortune game is finally on sale at a good price
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    By: TabsAZ
    First flight of the Boeing 777X about to happen live here:

    I know the company's had a really bad couple years, but I still like watching these things. This is a completely different team/division of the company than the one that makes the 737 MAX btw.
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    By: wunderbred
    Doctor Jacoby is the Dognose of Twin Peaks.
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    By: mayooms
    I don’t get it, guys. Why isn’t my pork skin getting crispy?!

    I have:
    - made sure it’s dry going into the oven (sprinkled a bit of salt)
    - dabbed excess oil that’s been pooling in the tray
    - turned up the heat

    #soggyporkskin 😫