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    By: Maddog_Delphi97
    Guys!!! Check out my Borderlands 3 Collectors Edition!!!
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    Devin Nunes Supports Secret Surveillance of Americans, Finds Himself Under Surveillance

    Nunes consistently fought any and all efforts to restrain the authority of the National Security Agency (NSA) to secretly, warrantlessly collect Americans' call records and metadata. He wasn't quiet about this support for domestic surveillance. When Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan (then a Republican, now an independent) tried to restrain the feds' ability to access American call records, Nunes didn't just vote against Amash's legislation; he attacked Amash loudly and publicly. In 2014, one of Amash's efforts prompted Nunes to call the congressman "Al Qaeda's best friend in the Congress." Nunes even donated $5,000 to Amash's primary opponent.

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    By: Milleh
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    By: jingletard
    Anyone see the Netflix account tweet?

    All the brand accounts are getting saucy in one thread about something you could say during sex and while running a branded twitter account. It's great.
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    By: BouillonCubes
    Rather than take the Marvel approach and begin filming the first movie with the end of the series in mind, Lucasfilm has largely determined the overarching plot from movie to movie, former employees say.

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    By: boring gegtik
    its completely fucked that its christmas again already. I still feel like preparing for last year's was only a short while back. fuckin old-brain over here
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    By: wunderbred
    I'm discharged from the hospital! The seizure and headaches were symptoms of a mild viral encephalitis. I have an appt with neurology next week where I guess I'll learn more. They sent me home with scripts for Levetiracetam and Amitriptyline. Feeling pretty good today. It's nice to have real coffee again, even though my chewed up tongue is still so raw I have to drink it lukewarm.

    Glad to be alive!
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    By: atom519
    You know what I want from next-gen consoles? Controllers that support wireless charging.

    Seriously. I hope 10 years from now I can just have a big mat that all my controllers lay on and I never have to plug in another fucking cable again.

    *Glares at my DualShock controller*
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    By: filthysock
    Had the work Xmas function tonight. Drank until the the open bar closed but didn’t kick on to the after party.
    Ah, the life of a manager. Have to piss off so people can have fun.
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    What's something cool/neat/fun that you've bought in the last year or so that you really enjoy or find useful?

    I need to give my wife/inlaws some suggestions on Christmas presents, but I am drawing a black this year. Last year I got a Ninja Foodi, and it was awesome. What are you guys wanting to get/get for yourself this year?