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    By: riptyde
    Trump Dump

    Resurfaced Clip Of Biden Comforting Parkland Families Has People In Tears

    The former vice president’s empathy was on full display after the 2018 Florida high school massacre.

    Empathy matters. People are the most effective, be it politics, business, or life in general, when they truly care about the people they are serving. And you can’t fake the kind of empathy Biden consistently shows.
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    By: ninjase
    My new dining room set is lit
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    By: bradsh

    I would like to request a new loltag: sus. Thank you for your consideration, can't wait to tag so many posts as sus
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    By: EnhancedInterrogator
    Just tried VR porn for the first time. I do not like it.

    My lizard brain and hormones are telling me I just got a girlfriend, but I most definitely did NOTjust get a girlfriend.
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    By: filthysock
    I have no self control when it comes to junk food so we have no chocolate, cookies, chips or anything in the house.
    But fuuuuck sometimes I just want to hurt myself with a pound of sugary goodness and I stare into the pantry full of nothing immediately edible for a minute and sadly slink away.
    Then like a zombie I return to the pantry five minutes later and wistfully repeat the process.
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    By: ThomW
    I took the afternoon off to chill and relax and I don’t regret doing it at all. I drove over to turn in my ballot in person, met up with some dude from Craigslist for some random beer things for h@rvester, read some comics, and dooked around on my phone.

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    By: atom519

    Nasa will hold a major event to announce an “exciting new discovery” about the Moon, it has said.

    The space agency did not reveal details about the discovery but said that it “contributes to Nasa’s efforts to learn about the Moon in support of deep space exploration”.

    Should we be excited? Are they finally coming clean that the moon landing was a fake?
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    By: Masem
    RIP Quibi
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    By: zolointo
    James Randi is no longer with us, and the world is much worse for it.
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    By: Lightzout
    Well this fucking sucks. I have a laptop to send to my son in Czechia. I setup a gmail account hisname@gmail and gave his mom password so we could manage it. Welp I guess she needed it or somthing or just want to fuck me over because I am locked out and everything was setup on this account. Yes I am dumbass who trusts people. I could have been more sophisticated but its too late. It never occurred to me she would be able to hijack my account, no email or phone options work. And google seems to be fine with that. I fucking hate life. She changed it to het email and her number in Czechia and google give zero fucks. I cant get it back now fucking hell.