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    By: Ender.Wiggin
    I spread both of my parent's asses in special places. Set your mom free...
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    By: InfoBiter
    Living in Mom's basement has it's perks eh?
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    By: iamgoat
    No, but I have this unpublished Sparkly comic:
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    By: usar naem

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    By: burning eye

    there this 9 year old chick that's been getting really into me lately. We went out last night, got drunk and things happened if you know what i mean.
    Just when you think life sucks, super extreme hot action unfolds into your life.
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    By: pgharavi
    once again, this community just attacks attacks attacks. anyway, fuck it, i'm out. I have work to do.
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    By: GloriousCow
    I remember when my sister blossomed into a woman. She suddenly got up from our brand new couch and ran upstairs in a hurry, leaving a dark stain on the cushion.

    My mom gave me a big warning speech about how this was a big moment in her life and a natural thing girls went through and if I dared make fun of her or any other girl about it happening there would be hell to pay.

    My sister was found upstairs in the bathroom crying. I remember my mother pleading with her through the door to let her in. 'it's beautiful, it's a beautiful thing, it's beautiful,' I distinctly remember her pleading.

    Later we went downstairs after my mom had consoled her a bit, and she went to clean up the stain.

    It was poop.

    For weeks after, I would yell ITS BEAUTIFUL through the door when never she would use the bathroom. I was a bastard.
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    Part of my wages are daily Restaurant Tickets
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    By: voodooraze
    Can everyone just [LOL] this for me?
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    By: EvilDolemite
    Well get a comfy pillow cause it's gonna be here for 18 hours.