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    By: phipple

    Tour of the ASML Lab that makes the machines that make processors.

    Between this and the Intel fab tour, the complexity is mind-boggling. The machines are so intricate it actually made me laugh because it’s just so absurd.

    All this magnificent complexity just so I can haphazardly attach a penis to Donald Trump’s forehead in MS Paint and post it on Imgur.

    From my angle those machines should be able to transcend space-time and navigate the multiverse. :P
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    By: TickHeadDog
    Found some info, dunno if it will help.

    It has a native .cph format, which is based on Microsoft Compound File format. CPH appears to be similar to, and possibly identical to, Corel Print Office's CPO format.

    Q - Can I open older versions of Print House in Print Office.

    A - Yes but the file extension must be changed first. Print House files have the extension CPH and Print Office files have the extension CPO. In order for Print Office to recognize the older file type, the extension must be changed to CPO.
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    By: roushimsx
    That was a very different kind of twitch