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    By: eonix
    Re: Astroneer wallpapers and the wide-monitor bros and broettes that gave me some resolutions.

    I think I got you all covered:

    If not, I have shit to do so just use one of those
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    By: jimmy-buffett
    An Oral History of 'Office Space'

    Greg Pitts (Drew): I know a lot of the actors were sort of encouraged to improvise. That’s where the “oh-face” thing came up. It was actually a throwback to a girlfriend that I had—my obnoxious self would mimic her face in the moment of orgasm to be funny. She didn’t necessarily find it all that funny. Mike said “You can just make something up. If you have any ideas, just do whatever you want.” The oh-face was the first one I did, and I remember when I did it for the camera, I could tell by Ron Livingston’s face that it must have been kind of funny. You know when you can sense somebody’s going to laugh and they’re holding it back?

    Rennie: I don’t remember how many takes he did, but every one was different. “Going to give you a ride on the bone roller coaster,” was a strong contender, but the oh-face was so funny.

    Pitts: Office Space was my first movie, so you don’t know if something is funny if you went off script and tried your own thing until after they yell “cut.” I think [Mike] told me one of the women on the crew fell out of her seat when they screened that scene.

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    By: zolointo

    A story-driven, 3rd person action adventure where you play as tiny aliens who stand only 1mm tall. Though a diminutive species, they are technologically advanced and space faring. Infinitesimals features a six legged spider like vehicle (“Ajoxian Gyro POD”) powered by our custom physically simulated animation system. You will be able to customise the POD both functionally and cosmetically.

    Holy crap check out them graphics!
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    By: Psigun
    Learn how to optimally use Kanai's Cube to find and upgrade items you need.

    Archive of Tal Rasha -- Extract Legendary Power. Use this to acquire the legendary powers from items for your build. Self-explanatory.

    Law of Kulle -- Reforge Legendary Item. This one is for hunting for ancient and primal ancient versions of items you already have. Run bounties at T13 for materials and then use this recipe on spare items you want ancient or primal ancient versions of to upgrade your build.

    Hope of Cain -- Upgrade Rare item to Legendary. Easily get specific legendary or set items by upgrading a rare base item to a random legendary version of that base item. Once you've got the legendary you want, don't use this recipe to find ancient or primal ancient versions of it. That's what the Law of Kulle is for.

    Skull of Nilfur -- Convert Set Item. You have an incomplete set, but have duplicate items of that set? Use this to reroll a set item into a different item from that set randomly.

    Caldesann's Despair - Use Legendary Gems to boost an Ancient or Legendary item with a bonus. Way to add attribute scores to endgame items by leveling jewels. Don't bother until you get balls deep into fine-tuning your build.

    Also; Beat a greater rift solo at 60 to unlock T13 public games for farming. Beat a greater rift solo at 70 to unlock primal ancient item drops. Do these two ASAP.
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    By: beastrabban
    yeah there are several of us here, all at different levels. I'm still firmly in noob space, but I'll give you my thoughts.

    I researched lots of different printers for a while and ultimately decided on a Prusa i3 Mk3 mostly because of its print resolution capabilities (.05mm layers) and it's build volume (200x200x210mm) I bought the kit and I'm super happy I did because the printer itself is fiddly and it's my understanding that most of the are to some degree.. so the more you know about the ins and outs of how your printer works, the better off you'll be trying to fix errors.. and there will be lots of them.

    your main source of 3d files initially will be it's a community put up by makerbot that's pretty robust but the website at times is dogshit slow and has wonky results for searching at times. The other big site seems to be but there are a bunch out there that seem to come and go so keep up with the lists

    most printers handle gcode in its raw format - it's a huge text file that has all the commands to move your print head whichever way it needs to go, how hot things should be, and everything else. But, once you have a model in mind that you've downloaded you need to get it INTO that format somehow. I'm using a proprietary version of an app called slic3r that's tuned for the Prusa.. but slic3r itself seems to be the go-to app to do this, although there are lots of others as well. you load up your STL file and then adjust it accordingly.. and then slice the file which literally cuts the object into slices, then figures out the motion of the print head, and then dumps it into a gcode file. it, of course, previews how it's going to look so you know what's going on.. and then you dump that to an SD card and then take the SD card to your printer and tell it to print, after you've loaded whatever color filament you want to use.

    then the printer will print your job and it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the size and complexity of the object. One thing worth noting here too is that filament based 3d printers literally build things a layer at a time so you have to think that way. if your object has something that doesn't have something underneath supporting it, your print will likely fail because you can't print in mid air. your slicer app can compensate for this by adding in support structures to your print to support whatever the good part of your print is, and then you break them away when you're done. typical rule of thumb is if something has more than a 45 degree angle to it or requires a lot of long passes in mid air, you should probably use a support.. but that's getting a little deep for this discussion.

    For your purposes since you have access to a makerspace printer, find out what kind. then get your slicer software (ask your makerspace coordinators what they suggest) and then either grab a model you want from thingiverse, or if you're artistic enough, create something using tinkercad or other cad program, get it into gcode somehow (or whatever format your makerspace people need it to be in) and then go to town.

    It's a hugely rewarding hobby. I've been printing my ass off for months and haven't gotten bored with it yet. so far my best print has been the mondoshawan I did a few weeks back but I've been posting random stuff I've printed for a few months on chattypics.

    hope it helps!
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    By: [deleted] 2134917545
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    By: Ugly Bob
    Hey guys, what is the dogs bollocks in Ergonomic Office Chairs that gets recommended on here from time to time?
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    By: riptyde
    Trump Dump

    Remember this, Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey!

    Hehe “leakin”
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    By: Affliated
    Elizabeth Warren To Unveil Sweeping Plan For Universal Child Care

    This is something that will make me vote for her.

    Sadly, this is a comment from one of my friends who is so pro trump I had to mute him on facebook and anytime he brings up politics in our group chat I change the subject immediately.

    "Free childcare, well that ought to get her a few votes. Only costing tax payers $700,000,000,000 over ten years. Since when is a babysitter a “fundamental right”? I have an idea, please listen closely: If you can not afford to monetarily bare children and raise them in a suitable environment, please STOP reproducing"

    There's no arguing with him either
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    By: shirif
    Bicycle related, why it's almost impossible to make the 60kph challenge.