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    By: Veegeezee
    it's my experience that, if you make "enough", then your most precious resource is your time.

    i don't fuck around with bad commutes or lots of travel, anymore. i think that switch flipped for me around the age of 29 or 30.

    as an aside, who the hell gets pensions anymore?? are you sure you can count on it?
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    By: MagicWishMonkey
    Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security
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    By: thaperfectdrug
    he wasn’t providing it for your benefit, he posted it so everyone else could KWTFYWTA.
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    By: wattss
    Or don't install a camera in your kids bedroom?
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    By: FormerHPB
    Aka the deplorables. Hillary was spot on.
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    By: mojoald
    losder5000 posted the story of why he needed 16 broken mini-fridges, it's amazing and has pictures, but he posted just as the thread expired. Please check it out, it's a good read:
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    By: H@rvester
    The cameras aren't getting 'hacked'. It's not the cameras fault this family probably used a Shitty Password That they use for everything online.
    You can't fix stupid.
    Use unique passwords 16+ characters and turn 2FA on everything.

    I'd figure you knew better being a tech saavy poster on Shacknews for a long time sikander!!
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    By: finalthrill
    11k salary difference is not enough increase to justify the negatives of travel
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    By: redshak
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    By: brickmatt
    For me, it’s all the other Republicans. He’d appear to be the crazy egotistical asshole that he is, if they didn’t enable him.

    They’re allowing him to lead this clown show. No one is forcing that.