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    By: Daeadin

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    By: paulatreus
    I love the hypocrisy of wanting to know where grassroots small donor contributions are coming from, while hiding super donors behind dark money SuperPAC’s.

    Get fucked, Graham.
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    By: bo diddly
    Heroes after S1. What a letdown that became.
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    By: skinlab133
    Pope endorses civil unions for same-sex couples. "Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They're children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it, Progress is progress, at least.
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    By: EvilDolemite
    YouTube and Twitter are also known vectors for propaganda, disinformation, and radicalization.

    FB is just the easiest to point out because it's the largest with the widest reach.

    The issue spans across all of social media though.
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    By: [fry]
    i think you'd have more success with your ex and your kids and life in general if you get the medical help you need. you routinely make posts that make it clear you're suffering from some kind of mental illness and people here regularly suggest you address it but i've never seen you even reply to them. you just ignore it.

    if you get help and get your mind in a good place other good things may happen. address yourself first and see if the rest falls into place.
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    By: filthysock
    I have no self control when it comes to junk food so we have no chocolate, cookies, chips or anything in the house.
    But fuuuuck sometimes I just want to hurt myself with a pound of sugary goodness and I stare into the pantry full of nothing immediately edible for a minute and sadly slink away.
    Then like a zombie I return to the pantry five minutes later and wistfully repeat the process.
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    By: skankcore
    Please no.
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    By: Mad Brahmin Disease

    It practically became Lost in the second season. I don’t know what the fuck season 3 is trying to be.
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    By: orgcaptainnemo
    We're in the dumbest fucking timeline.