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    By: BlackCat9
    The union needs to go on strike. Strike nation wide. I can only assume that'll be the result and they're just waiting for the negotiations to say they tried to come to an agreement. There's no way the union is going to put all their members in the firing line for this, and they know that if they don't strike, then a ton of their members will retire, anyway.
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    By: zipperface
    I'll take not seeing it coming and not knowing it's happening any day of the week over the alternative, give me no warning any day of the week. The only real question is age, and 49 is way too young, fuuuuuuck. 🥺
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    By: Evil Benius
    Please do not use that word.
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    By: derelict515
    coronavirus has definitely laid bare how valuable it is to live in a solidly blue state where you can count on sane, evidence based state and local policies

    Seattle sucks for beaches but has lots of waterfront and has tons of hiking. Housing is expensive, especially close to downtown, but no worse than somewhere like Boston on the east coast. Traffic sucks a lot. Basically your usual big city problems.
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    By: Rice-Rocketeer
    How are the morons who run these institutions so fucking stupid? They are literally going to cause the deaths of thousands of people.

    This makes me so mad.
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    By: Safe For Work
    PNW is an echo chamber and it’s *very* white. I would say it’s segregated but that would mean there’s a large population of black and brown folk. There isn’t.

    Outside of metro areas it’s pretty republican and racist, it’s not uncommon to see confederate flags on trucks and giant TRUMP signs in yards. These two states along with Idaho and Montana have a militia thing going on. People here love guns and hate Muslims.

    Vancouver, WA is the only place I’ve seen the nazi flag fly.

    Both PDX and Seattle have incredible homeless and mental health problems. But at least Oregon doesn’t have sales tax but you cannot pump your own gas.

    WA has no income tax but outrageous car registration fees, $450 minimum. Nobody really moves to Seattle for the beauty it’s really only for a job, this attracts a certain type of business school personality. I’ve never really felt comfortable being myself in Seattle, it’s just... it’s a California thing, I have a hard time explaining it (I’m from San Francisco).

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    By: Schnapple
    Please stick around long enough to vote. Then you can leave.
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    By: orgcaptainnemo
    Of course he did. Our system is completely broken. The President can cover up his crimes by pardoning his friends, and direct the AG to prosecute (or not) whom he likes. There's no check on his ability to use Federal law enforcement. And everyone will tell you that the election is the right way to remedy the problem, except Trump is trying to use these powers to steal the election. Everyone should be at red alert/DEFCON 1 right now. We are in dangerous territory.
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    By: chadg033
    I'm all onboard if they can make one that doesn't cause my glasses to fog. Even the ones with the metal nosepiece still end up fogging my glasses.
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    By: boarder2
    This isn't anything new. Plague has continued to exist in wildlife for ... ever?