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    By: ajvitaly
    We bought the kids/family ragdoll cat as their big Christmas present. She came home to us on Jan 13th. The breeders named her Luna and we liked it so we kept it.

    She isn't quite a cuddly as our last cat, but she is fucking awesome. So damn soft and fluffy. Pick her up and she generally just goes limp and lets you hold her for as long as you want. She enjoys it (while you're standing). She purrs almost always on contact. She follows everyone around everywhere like a dog. She is always at our feet. Hates being alone. Took to our dog after about 1 hour. She isn't as psycho as other kittens are, either.

    Wish she was a little more cuddly when laying around with us, but 9.75/10 would highly recommend.
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    By: Junktown
    Nah. That was just spin afterwards.
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    By: TickHeadDog
    Anyone else have "Last Crusade" UHDBR steelbook?

    I got mine today and fired it up after dinner and the audio is just terrible. I have to turn the amp up twice as much as any other movie and there seems to be no LFE (subwoofer) at all.

    It's not my setup, Atmos with height speakers a Klipsch sub and all that. Over the weekend I watched "Blade Runner 2049" and "Lightyear" and they both shake the damn house.

    I was a projectionist and ran "Last Crusade" in 70mm back in the day and the mix is so freaking terrible on the UHDBR compared to the 6 channel magnetic soundtrack on the print we ran. In the theater it was one of those movies you could hear from anywhere in the booth.
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    By: mwasher
    has that right wing racist appeal what? do you know what you're talking about or is it just YOU JUST FEEL YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS?
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    By: FirstPersonCooter
    They’re closing London Studio entirely!

    Guess no Blood and Truth 2. That sucks—the first one was really fun, only brought down by the crappy PSVR motion tracking—a rerelease would have been awesome.

    Then again, this studio hasn’t released anything in 5 years. Wonder what they were working on.
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    By: rtjd22
    Good god man. If I did a dead lift when my pain was going I think I would probably throw up from pain (which I was doing already)
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    By: TrOn
    I didn't feel it honestly. Seemed kinda forced.
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    By: redfive
    They will see you but they aren't going to run a huge battery of tests. My doctor will just ask me how everything is going and if I have specific complaints then he asks to book those separately.