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    By: zolointo
    James Randi is no longer with us, and the world is much worse for it.
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    By: A10Pilot
    A tragic loss in the VR community

    Phil Smith, one of the 2 devs on IronWolf VR, died suddenly. It's an awesome sub game if you've never tried it.

    Leaves behind wife and 1yo son :(
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    What about the corner bombing? The server says no corner bombing, but I always get corner bombed.
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    By: Maddog_Delphi97
    It is Wednesday, my dudes
    (Video with sound)
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    By: PenicillinX57
    They're absolutely allowed! But not a single one has ever shown up.
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    By: GloriousCow
    feek that shit
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    By: Shacknews
    Sam Chandler posted a new article, <a target="_blank" href="/article/121069/super-smash-bros-ultimate-update-version-901-patch-notes-removes-steves-meat">Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update version 9.0.1 patch notes removes Steve's meat</a>
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    By: Amadan
    A mystery neighbor just "boo'd" our house. Dropped off a bag of candy with a flyer saying it was a game where we should make treat bags for two other neighbors and put up a sign in our window saying we got boo'd. My 8yo is into it. We went for a walk today scouting for other neighbors who have signs (none do).

    We don't have a plan yet for trick or treating. I may have my daughter knock on various doors in the house and have my wife or I answer and give candy (trick-or-treat inside our house). I like the idea of maybe going for a walk Halloween night and just looking at the houses without knocking.

    Shit sucks though. My daughter's been a trooper all year, but it's starting to wear her down not playing with friends, doing the remote-schooling stuff. It makes us sad, but so many of her friends are being totally irresponsible and having parties and sleepovers and bullshit.
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    By: jcutner
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    By: abrasion
    Can we get toxic, problematic and privileged too? !!!!