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Created by Thom W.
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    By: jcutner
    Say hello to the newest little shacker, Elora!

    She's a good little girl, happy in her babybjorn carrier so I can still play Phantom Liberty!
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    By: Milleh
    Selfie Saturday!

    I'll cheat a bit, we went out for dinner last night and had one of my wife's friends take a picture for us.

    Not much planned for today, going to prep some pizza dough for pizza night tomorrow with family, clean up around the house, and hopefully get some Phantom Liberty in, took me 7 hours on a new character to get to the new content.

    1 can of San marzanos cost me $7 at the grocery store :( 1 tiny ball of fresh mozerella, $12!

    What's everyone doing today?

    Post your faces and have a great Saturday awesome people of Shacknews!!!

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    By: g0nk
 I just woke up, today I get to clean the house, mow the grass, then have like 20 teenage girls over to get ready for Homecoming tonight, hosting their parents that I don't know while the teenagers all giggle, scream, and listen to Taylor Swift until they all leave. Then sit here and fidget until it's time to pick them up, and watch my wife have a panic attack the entire day and night over all of it...

    All I wanna do is play Starfield and play with my new Steam Deck..

    Shack... Help...
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    By: Milleh
    I have TOTK, BG3, Starfield, and Phantom Liberty on the go, some of the best games in years and I'm having so much fun!

    However, in the back of my mind there's always this little voice telling me to just launch Skyrim.

    I think I'm obsessed.

    On my very short bucket list of like 10 things max, are things like watching my kids graduate and get married, and play TES 6.

    Anyone else this obsessed with one game?
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    By: Thresher
    The only thing I have ever had an addiction to is Ambien. I started using years ago for a fairly mild case of insomnia. And I never stopped. So I have been using it for a long time now. I do not abuse it, never have. I just use the one pill a night to get to sleep.

    I had no idea it was physically addictive until a year or so back. Now I am finally trying to wean myself off of it. I did half dosages all week and last night, I went without. It was hard enough getting to sleep on half dosages, but last night was a fucking disaster. I could not stay asleep. It took me an hour or so to finally start dozing and then I kept waking up every hour or so, that I can remember.

    I am exhausted. I took a short nap earlier, but that was no help. I have one of those bad headaches I get when I am sleep deprived. I hope to God I can sleep tonight, but I am not counting on it.

    If you think Ambien is harmless, it's not. Even if you are using it as prescribed.
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    By: SirX
    Fun fundraiser golf tournament with the boy child.
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    By: redshak

    Nothing to play. Might give jedi survivor another pass now that's it's performance is fixed