Shack Together 017 - SGF Predictions, State of Play, CoD on Gamepass, feat. Donovan Erskine

Will Asif be arrested before the next episode? Only time will tell.


In this seventeenth episode of Shack Together, we bring you your weekly does of gaming chatter, predictions, and community interactions. Join us as your host, Asif Khan, is joined by myself Joe Stasio, and News Editor Donovan Erskine. As always, we kick things off with what we’ve been playing, including titles like MultiVersus, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Animal Well, F-Zero 99, Vampire Survivors, and more.

Our Summer Games Fest predictions are red hot, featuring bold takes and plenty of (possible) excitement. From updates on F-Zero 99 and Kojima's next games to brand-new horror movie adaptations and potential teasers from XCOM 3 and Dragon Age IV, we cover a wide array of (potential, hopeful) announcements. It's a thrilling ride through the future of gaming - or rather it might be. We’ll find out this September.

Stick around for our Story Time segment, where we cover the latest gaming highlights including Sony's recent State of Play, as well as previews on upcoming releases like EA Sports College Football 25 and Frostpunk 2. We wrap things up with community questions, so make sure to join the discussion on or reach out to us via email! Thanks as always for listening and enjoy!

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