Evening Reading - March 26, 2024

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another edition of Evening Reading.


Welcome to the end of another Tuesday, Shackers, not to mention the end of March! We’re about to slip into the fourth month of 2024 and it feels like these last few have blinked by doesn’t it? We hope you’ve enjoyed the mountain of content we have for you so far, and we hope you’ll stick around to see much more. In the meantime, however, it’s time to close down another fine day of posting, so we’ve got a Dragon’s Dogma 2-heavy Evening Reading to whisk you away into the night. Please enjoy.

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Look at that Dragon’s Dogma 2 meat sizzle

Honestly, I didn’t care if it was real or graphics. That meat looks good.

Look after your Pawns

Dragonsplague sure can ruin everything in a jiffy if you’re not careful.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 economy is massively inflated

I haven’t come across an inn for 9,999 gold, but I don’t like paying 2,000 for them either. Especially when a sword costs 15,000 gold.

Excuse me, sir. Do you have time to hire me?

Pawns are the most aggressive self-promoters I have ever seen. Inspiring, to be honest.

This way, Arisen

Leaving my character dead and out of breath as these goons run through a Minotaur nest trying to take me back to town.

New Marvel game reveal coming soon?

Sounds like something big is in store for Marvel games tomorrow. Stay tuned!

ABA gets around

I should have guessed a character with such great mobility would have a great coast-to-coast combo, but this is still wild.

And there you have it, Shackers. That’s your Evening Reading for March 26, 2024. Thank you for stopping by and supporting the site. If you want to support us further, look no further than Shacknews Mercury, where you can help us keep the lights on for as little as a dollar a month. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t need one to enjoy Bubbletron. It’s another free app from Shacknews where you can assemble your next billion dollar idea from a randomized selection of prompts each day. Will you earn the Money Hat by getting the day’s highest valuation?

Bubbletron values an idea for an AI Chatbot Feng Shui Meme Factory at $2,670,507,000,000.
Bubbletron knows that an AI Chatbot pumping out feng shui memes for peace in your life is what's up. What's your trillion-dollar idea?
Source: Bubbletron

Thanks for reading, Shackers, and have a good night. We’ll catch you next time for another Evening Reading!

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